Super Electron Task Force

-   unusual in its lack of human-sized monsters

-   Dr. Kageyama transformed himself into a Mecha Human, renamed himself Doctor Man, and leading the New Empire Gear from his base of Neograd at the South Pole, plans to rule the world through his Mechahumans
-   Biorobo awakens after five centuries to find the five descendants of humans who were showered with Bioparticles 500 years ago
-   under the direction of Peebo, who accompanied the Biorobo to Earth, the five don Biosuits to become Biomen
-   soon, Doctor Man's Biokiller Gun invention kills Yellow Four, and a replacement joins the team
-   Man's supercomputer Brain and his android Prince turn out to have hearts which bring about their downfall
-   learning of Prince's identity, the Big Three revolt against Man but are brainwashed and modified
-   Silva arrives to hunt the Biomen
-   Biomen meet a mysterious scientist intending to build a conscience circuit, Dr. Shibata, who turns out to be both Red's father and a friend of Dr. Man
-   in the end, the Biomen defeat Silva and his robot Balzion and storm Neograd fortress

-   team attacks include Bioelectron, Super Electron, Bio Big Arrow, Bioelectro Beam, Biorevolver, Pentabeams, Circus Loops, Miracle Bombers, Miracle Laser, and Bio Super Electron
Bio Big Arrow
-   all are armed with Bioswords which have three modes: sword, short sword, and gun

Red One (Gou Shirou)

-   former space shuttle pilot
-   armed with Fire Sword, Super Electron Radar, Spark Sword, Diving Attack

Green Two (Takasugi Shingo)

-   former race car driver
-   team strongman
-   armed with Hurricane Sword, Super Electron Scope, Break (Dance) Action, Super Jump, Green Boomerang

Blue Three (Nanbara Ryuuta)

-   aquatic sports ace
-   armed with Electric Sword, Super Electron Ear, Super Sky Diving

Yellow Four (Koizumi Mika; 1-10)

-   former photographer
-   armed with Thunder Sword, Super Electron Holography, Action Shooting
-   killed by Biokiller Gun

Yellow Four (Yabuki Jun; 11-51)

-   joins the team to replace slain Koizumi
-   former Olympic archer
-   armed with Bioarrow and previous Yellow attacks

Pink Five (Katsuragi Hikaru)

-   former flutist
-   armed with Laser Sword, Spin Chops, Pink Barrier

-   robot advisor to Biomen

-   Biomach 1: Red's motorcycle
Biomach 1
-   Biomach 2: Yellow's motorcycle
Biomach 2
-   Bioturbo: car for Green, Blue, and Pink
-   Biodragon: flying fortress which opens up to be runway for mecha

Biojet 1 + Biojet 2 = ? -> Biorobo
-   Biojet 1 (Red, Pink) + 2 (Green, Blue, Yellow) = Biorobo
-   armed with Super Maser sword (Concentration, Comet Cutter, Break Attack, Cross Cut, Great Attack, Chainsaw Cutter, Straight Flash, Reverse Cross Cut, Pinball Shooting, Dashing Beam, Shadow Cutter, Bio Particle Cut, Super Flash)

New Empire Gear
-   mechanical empire, plots world conquest
-   Mecha Gigans: early giant monsters; do not appear in human size
-   Neo Mecha Gigans: later giant monsters
-   Mechaclones: grunts in black with silver heads and red eyes
-   Neograd fortress: evil headquarters at South Pole
Neograd fortress

Doctor Man
Doctor Man
-   formerly scientist Kageyama Hideo, now a Mecha Human and boss of Gear

-   android based on Shuuichi, Dr. Man's son
-   turns out to have more of a heart than expected

Big Three
-   evil generals
-   Mason: leader of Big Three
-   Farrah: female of Big Three
-   Monster: strongman of Big Three

-   Farrah's bodyguard

Five Beastnoids
-   recurring human-sized monsters
-   Psygorn: psychic monster; later powered up
-   Messerbeast: flying monster; later powered up
-   Aquaiger: underwater monster; dies mid-series
-   Metzler: spy monster; dies mid-series
-   Beastking: Monster's underling; later powered up

Silva Silva
-   Biohunter robot from Bio Star
-   programmed to kill anything with Bioparticles, such as Biomen
-   armed with Biobuster gun

-   Silva's giant robot

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