Explosive Dash Task Force

-   premieres with feature film, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

-   wandering troublemakers Bowzock attack Earth
-   alien Bowzock attack survivor Dappu gives five workers of Pegasus Garage the Carmagic Power from five legendary car constellations
-   Rangers soon obtain Ranger Vehicles
-   Exhaus pollutes Signalman's Police Planet, tricking him into fighting Carrangers briefly
-   Gynamo later hires Ritchihiker, who pilots Braking to steal RV Robo
-   VRV Master arrives while Dappu is in hibernation, gives Rangers VRV Machines and Victrailer
-   Exhaus supplies Bowzock with evil robots
-   Dappu captured by Zelmoda disguised as VRV Master, held in Land Zuzoon's chest to drain Carmagic Power
-   filled with love for Carrangers, Dappu overloads evil robots
-   Carrangers use RV Robo's Gekisou Sword to split VRV Robo's Victory Twister blast, missing Dappu's compartment in Land Zuzoon's chest
-   in finale, Exhaus exploits event that comes every million years and absorbs Carmagic Power from car constellations
-   not needing Bowzock, Exhaus sends flaming Baribarian hurtling toward Earth; Signalman stops it with Sirender, and Carrangers crash Baribarian into Exhaus
-   Exhaus returns in seemingly invincible Super-Strong form until Gynamo shrinks him with expired imo-youkan, allowing Carrangers to kill him

-   Divatox chases wizard Lerigot to Earth, uses his Golden Key to unleash demon Maligore
-   Zordon equips Rangers with Zords and powers to travel to Muiranthias and battle Maligore
-   Divatox attacks Angel Grove for revenge; Zordon returns to home planet
-   Blue Senturion arrives from disastrous future, warns of evil alliance in 2000
-   four recent graduates pass on Turbo powers to new friends
-   Divatox's brother General Havoc arrives, pilots Metallasaurus to steal Turbo Megazord
-   Phantom Ranger arrives, gives Rangers Rescuezords and Artillatron
-   Porto later constructs Terrorzord, three evil Zords
-   in finale, Goldgoyle destroys Zords, destroyed when fed detonating Turbo RAM
-   Divatox discovers and destroys Power Chamber, suddenly called away by Dark Specter
-   Rangers borrow space shuttle to chase Divatox into space

-   insert Axle Keys into Axle Braclets to transform with Carmagic Power
-   all wield Auto Blaster guns (barrel can be split open to amplify blasts with ion-gathering turbines inside - Auto Punisher), Viblade swords (handle pulled to rev turbine and boost power)
Auto Punisher Viblade
-   group weapons include Giga Formula, small car machine formed from individual weapons (transforms into Formula Nova cannon)
Giga Formula -> Formula Nova
-   all use Carnavic devices developed by Natsumi and Youko to fight invisible AA Abanba, wouldn't work until touched with Youko's tears following the capture of her friends; used as Navic Com scanner, Navic Shot gun (fires homing blasts), or attaches to Auto Punisher to form Navic Blaster
Navic Com Navic Shot Navic Blaster
-   other group weapons include Giga Booster with three modes: Booster Machine (mini-dragster), Booster Jet (mini-jet), Booster Cannon (fires plasma balls)
Giga Booster cannon
-   in finale, combined Carmagic Powers for Carranger Carmagic Attack, flying through Exhaus as balls of energy

Turbo Rangers
Turbo Rangers
-   all use communicators in morphed and unmorphed forms: microwave transceivers, also allow Rangers to teleport; replaced with Turbo Morphers to morph
-   insert Turbo Keys into Turbo Morphers to morph with Eltarian power
-   all wield Auto Blaster guns (barrel can be split open to amplify blasts - Turbo Mode), Turbo Blades
Auto Blaster Turbo Mode Turbo Blade
-   group weapons include Turbo RAM, small car machine formed from individual weapons (transforms into Cannon Mode)
Turbo RAM -> Turbo RAM Cannon Mode
-   all use Turbo Navigator tracking devices, first to locate Lerigot in Africa; used as scanner, Defender Mode gun (fires homing blasts), or attaches to Auto Blaster Turbo Mode to form Auto Blast Defender
Turbo Navigator Turbo Navigator Defender Mode Auto Blast Defender
-   other group weapons include Turbine Laser
Turbine Laser

Red Racer (Jinnai Kyousuke)

-   23 years old
-   hired as racecar test driver at Pegasus Garage, usually only assigned on errands
-   occasionally overwhelmed by stress of leadership
-   fell in love with Zonnette, risked life to fight as Kyousuke to prove his love
-   armed with Fender Sword, Driving Attack flying punch
Fender Sword

Red Ranger (Tommy Oliver)

-   previously Zeo Ranger Five in Power Rangers Zeo
-   racecar test driver for Angel Grove Racing Technologies
-   aloof, nonchalant
-   mentor to Justin
-   armed with Turbo Lightning Sword, superspeed attack
Turbo Lightning Sword

Red Ranger (T.J. Johnson)

-   high school student, aspiring baseball player
-   helps Tommy and Kat, later chosen by Tommy as new Red Ranger
-   friendly, generous
-   quick-thinking, capable leader

Blue Racer (Domon Naoki)

-   17 years old
-   very polite, shy car designer at Pegasus Garage
-   loves animals, kept alien Beager as a pet
-   armed with Muffler Guns, Hairpin Kick, Hyper Hairpin Kick, Passing Flash (blinding flash from helmet headlights)
Muffler Guns

Blue Ranger (Justin Stewart)

-   12 years old
-   orphaned by widower father, lived in children's shelter before meeting Ranger teens
-   given Blue Ranger status by injured Rocky in series opener
-   intelligent, invents small gadgets; advanced into Angel Grove High School with high placement test scores
-   helps Tommy at Angel Grove Racing Technologies, later looks up to Carlos
-   in finale, chooses to live with father rather than accompany Rangers into space
-   armed with Turbo Hand Blasters, flip kick
Turbo Hand Blasters

Green Racer (Uesugi Minoru)

-   24 years old
-   bungling salesman at Pegasus, once lost Axle Bracelet while practicing victory poses
-   huge fan of Tigers baseball team
-   afraid of lightning after being electrocuted while fishing as a child, later tricked into eating electric eel by Dappu to overcome fear
-   armed with Engine Cannon, Pit-In Dive attack
Engine Cannon

Green Ranger (Adam Park)

-   previously Zeo Ranger Four in Power Rangers Zeo
-   coach of Tigers soccer team, stunt show performer
-   wry, clearheaded
-   armed with Turbo Thunder Cannon
Turbo Thunder Cannon

Green Ranger (Carlos Vallerte)

-   high school student, star soccer player
-   chosen by coach Adam as new Green Ranger
-   proud, hot-tempered

Yellow Racer (Shinohara Natsumi)

-   19 years old
-   genius mechanic at Pegasus Garage, able to fix any machine in minutes
-   uses legendary wrench given to her by owner of garage she visited as a child, later learns she can still fix anything without the wrench
-   armed with Side Knuckles, Checker Chop, Violent Dash Mechanic Dismantling (dismantles enemy vehicle at superspeed)
Side Knuckles

Yellow Ranger (Tanya Sloan)

-   previously Zeo Ranger Two in Power Rangers Zeo
-   singer, radio deejay
-   warm, genuine
-   armed with Turbo Star Charges
Turbo Star Charges

Yellow Ranger (Ashley Hammond)

-   high school student, cheerleading captain
-   chosen by Tanya as new Yellow Ranger
-   upbeat, hard-working
-   at one point seeks to prove herself to sexist father by tackling auto repair

Pink Racer (Yagami Youko)

-   19 years old
-   secretary at Pegasus Garage
-   concerned about her weight, often reads fortune-telling articles
-   dreams of becoming an idol and marrying a rich husband
-   has terrible sense of direction
-   armed with Bumper Bow, Wheel Spin Kick, Wheel Spin Shield technique, Pink Flying Attack, Pink Giant Swing, Pink Bomb Punch of Anger, Viblade Returning Wiper (deflecting squirted liquid with Viblade)
Bumper Bow

Pink Ranger (Kat Hillard)

-   previously Zeo Ranger One in Power Rangers Zeo
-   teacher's aide at Angel Grove High, ballerina; accepted into Royal Academy
-   diligent, accommodating
-   mother figure to Justin
-   armed with Turbo Wind Fire
Turbo Wind Fire

Pink Ranger (Cassie Chan)

-   high school student, aspiring guitarist/singer
-   helps Tommy and Kat, later chosen by Kat as new Pink Ranger
-   individualistic, free-spirited
-   gets crush on Phantom Ranger


-   existing mentor from Power Rangers Zeo
-   legendary ancient sage, communicates with this dimension using plasma tube in Power Chamber
-   freed by Lerigot in beginning of series, returns to home planet Eltar with Alpha Five
-   captured by Dark Specter in finale


Alpha Six
Alpha Six
-   new Alpha, emerges when Alpha Five departs for Eltar with Zordon
-   robot assistant to Rangers, operates Power Chamber

Radietta Fanbelt
Radietta White Racer
-   Zonnette's younger sister, huge fan of Carrangers
-   uses magic to change into "White Racer" costume with staff and invocation of the names of three types of pastry (tiramisu, konnyaku, mille-feuille)
-   first aided Carrangers against Zokurangers, able to shapeshift
-   armed with Riddle Bombs which explode if foe doesn't know answer
-   drives Radiacar, white cat car which can briefly transform into robot mode, later able to enlarge itself

-   sister of Divatox, dressed in white robes
-   ethereal mentor to Turbo Rangers following Zordon's departure
-   initially speaks only in questions
-   in finale, leaves to help defend Eltar

-   one of last survivors of planet Hazard
-   squat alien, wears sports jersey
-   gives Carmagic Power to five Pegasus Garage employees, power depends on friendship between Dappu and Carrangers
-   misses parents
-   species must hibernate annually

-   wizard, flees from planet Liaria pursued by Divatox
-   squat furry alien
-   surrenders Golden Key to save wife Yara and baby Bethel
-   old friend of Alpha Five
-   unable to survive prolonged exposure to Earthen atmosphere
-   returns to free Zordon's essence from time warp

VRV Master
VRV Master
-   "Lone Wolf of Space," mysteriously appears while Dappu hibernates
-   gives Carrangers the VRV Machines when Braking steals RV Robo
-   has hidden headquarters under Tokyo Dome
-   eventually revealed as Dappu's long-lost father
-   likes pachinko and coffee milk

Phantom Ranger
Phantom Ranger
-   mysterious robot powered by Eltarian Power Ruby
-   embodiment of combined spiritual essences of all Rangers past and present; wanders universe helping those in need
-   seems fascinated with Cassie
-   able to turn invisible; immune to dimensional/temporal warping
-   gives Turbo Rangers the Rescuezords when Metallasaurus steals Turbozords
-   has hidden passageways under Angel Grove

-   space policeman from Police Planet, assigned to Earth
-   has wife Sigue and son Sigtarou back home
-   adamantly enforces traffic law, occasionally causing trouble for Carrangers
-   unable to break rules of traffic, such as pursuing villains across crosswalks when "Don't Walk" sign is lit
-   armed with badge Signizer with three modes: recording device, Police Baton Mode, Gun Mode
-   often aims for kneecaps when shooting enemies
-   operates from "Kobaan Base" small police booth
-   rides Polispeeder bike, called with Signizer
-   pilots Sirender, called with Signal Whistle; giant police car, shoots Signal Flash beam from lights on roof
Sirender -> Sirender
-   in robot mode, Sirender armed with Siren Dagger, Siren Shield, Wappagun (handcuff on a chain), Siren Vulcan

Blue Senturion
Blue Senturion
-   space policeman from disastrous future, sent to avert evil year 2000 alliance
-   adamantly enforces Earthen law while away from home galaxy
-   armed with badge Synergizer with three modes: recording device, Baton Mode, Blaster Mode
-   rides patrol bike
-   pilots Robo Racer, called with whistle; giant police car, shoots beam from lights on roof
Robo Racer -> Robo Racer
-   in warrior mode, Robo Racer armed with dagger, riot shield, handcuff chain, Synergizer Blaster Mode cannon
-   in finale, leaves to help defend Eltar

-   team up with Carrangers in crossover movie

Zeo Rangers
Zeo Rangers
-   previous powers used by Rangers

Tenma Souichirou
-   owns Pegasus Garage
-   has wife Yoshie; son Ichitarou is friends with Carrangers and close friends with Signalman

Doug Stewart
-   father of Justin, left son in children's shelter years ago to deal with dojo business after death of wife
-   visits Angel Grove Racing Technologies garage when called by Ranger teens on Justin's birthday
-   eventually moves to Angel Grove to be with Justin; finds job elsewhere in finale and takes Justin with him
-   son Justin is secretly a Turbo Ranger and close friends with Blue Senturion


Bulk and Skull
Bulk and Skull
-   existing characters from Power Rangers Zeo
-   frequent incidental victims of Divatox's schemes; transformed into chimps in first half of series
-   near finale, two team up with T.J. on Piranhatron stakeout

-   Speeder Machines: go-cart vehicles driven by Rangers before acquisition of Pegasus Thunder and Dragon Cruiser; include Red Speeder 1 (armed with Speeder Gun), Blue Speeder 2 (fastest), Green Speeder 3 (armed with Speeder Missile), Yellow Speeder 4 (armed with Speeder Cutter), Pink Speeder 5 (armed with Speeder Radar)
Speeder Machines
-   Pegasus Thunder: legendary "wild car," roamed space with Dragon Cruiser until being trapped in asteroid; transforms into flying mode, armed with Pegasus Laser, Pegasus Final Burning barrage; usually seats Red and Pink Racers, driven by Red
Pegasus Thunder
-   Dragon Cruiser: friend of Pegasus Thunder, armed with Dragon Claw winch; Giga Booster can be mounted on top; usually seats Blue, Green, and Yellow Racers, driven by Blue
Dragon Cruiser

-   Turbo Carts: go-cart vehicles driven by Rangers before acquisition of Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster; green cart fires missile
Turbo Carts
-   Lightning Cruiser: legendary "wild car," trapped in asteroid with Storm Blaster eons ago; transforms into flying mode, armed with laser, laser barrage; usually seats Red and Pink Rangers, driven by Red
Lightning Cruiser
-   Storm Blaster: friend of Lightning Cruiser, armed with magnetic winch; Turbine Laser can be mounted on top; usually seats Blue, Green, and Yellow Rangers, driven by Blue
Storm Blaster

RV Robo
-   consists of five RV Machines modeled after Carrangers' dream cars
Red Vehicle + Blue Vehicle + Green Vehicle + Yellow Vehicle + Pink Vehicle = RV Robo
-   Red Vehicle + Blue Vehicle + Green Vehicle + Yellow Vehicle + Pink Vehicle = RV Robo
-   armed with Gekisou Sword (Gekisou Slice spin attack), Radial Shield, Pragunedo Spark beam, Yellow Vehicle Kick, Yellow Vehicle Spin Kick, Pink Vehicle Punch, RV Hairpin Kick
-   can interchange parts with VRV Robo

Turbo Megazord
-   consists of five Turbozords modeled after modern cars
Red Lightning + Mountain Blaster + Desert Thunder + Dune Star + Wind Racer = Turbo Megazord
-   Red Lightning + Mountain Blaster + Desert Thunder + Dune Star + Wind Chaser = Turbo Megazord
-   armed with Turbo Megazord Saber (Turbo Megazord Spinout attack), Turbo Shield, chest beam, Desert Thunder kick, Dune Star kick, flip kick
-   can interchange parts with Rescue Megazord (Rescue-Turbo Megazord)

VRV Robo
-   VRV Machines given to Carrangers by VRV Master, vehicles transform into individual robots; carried by Victrailer
-   consists of V Fire (Red's fire truck, transforms into Fire Fighter, armed with giant fire extinguisher), V Police (Blue's police car, transforms into Police Fighter, armed with Police Siren Sonic), V Dump (Green's dump truck, carries iron balls, transforms into Dump Fighter), V Dozer (Yellow's dragster with bulldozer scoop, transforms into Dozer Fighter), V Rescue (Pink's ambulance armed with launching giant hypodermic needle, transforms into Rescue Fighter)
VRV Machines -> VRV Machines -> VRV Robo
-   V Fire + V Police + V Dump + V Dozer + V Rescue = VRV Robo
-   armed with V Guns (small hand guns), Victory Twister barrage (using V Bazooka and V Vulcan, borrowed from Victrailer)
-   can interchange parts with RV Robo

Rescue Megazord
-   Rescuezords given to Turbo Rangers by Phantom Ranger, vehicles transform into individual robots (High Stance mode); carried by Artillatron
-   consists of Lightning Fire Tamer (Red's fire truck, transforms into robot armed with giant fire extinguisher), Siren Blaster (Blue's police car, transforms into robot armed with sonic beam), Thunder Loader (Green's dump truck, carries iron balls), Star Racer (Yellow's dragster with bulldozer scoop), Wind Rescue (Pink's ambulance armed with launching giant hypodermic needle)
Rescuezords -> Rescuezords High Stance mode -> Rescue Megazord
-   Lightning Fire Tamer + Siren Blaster + Thunder Loader + Star Racer + Wind Rescue = Rescue Megazord
-   armed with hand guns, Artillery Power barrage (using cannons borrowed from Artillatron)
-   can interchange parts with Turbo Megazord (Rescue-Turbo Megazord)

-   given to Carrangers by VRV Master, carries VRV Machines
-   can transform to giant Battle Mode, equips VRV Robo with V Bazooka and V Vulcan
Victrailer -> Victrailer Battle Mode

-   given to Turborangers by Phantom Ranger, carries Rescuezords
-   can transform to giant robot mode, equips Rescue Megazord with artillery cannons
Artillatron -> Artillatron

Space Rebel Gang Bowzock
-   wandering troublemakers, destroy planets for fun
-   don't follow the rules of traffic
-   Wumpers: pastel-colored grunts with gas mask faces, dispensed from Zelmoda's octopus jar; can spray ink from mouths; drive Wumpapper motorcycles
-   Imo-Youkan: sweet yellow block-shaped food made from jellied sweet potatoes; imo-youkan from one store called Imochou enlarges Bowzock when eaten, while any other imo-youkan shrinks them; expired imo-youkan causes a stomachache and very brief growth
-   Gorotsuki: mostly useless Bowzock who hang around BB Saloon, four of whom are turned into SS Pamaan's Zokurangers
-   Baribarian: spherical spacecraft base for Bowzock, resembles twisted mass of highways; contains BB Saloon, a bar in which Bowzock hang out
-   Barikkars: five tank-like assault vehicles used by Bowzock, include Pao Barikkar (elephant), Nyaa Barikkar (cat, piloted by Zelmoda), Moo Barikkar (cow), Joki Barikkar (scorpion), Buhi Barikkar (pig)

Divatox's forces
-   wandering space pirates and assorted conscripted monsters
-   Piranhatrons: copper-colored fishlike grunts, serve Divatox
-   Putrapods: hulking furry reptilian creatures hatched from pods; used by Divatox on rare occasion
-   Chromites: pastel-colored grunts with gas mask faces, serve General Havoc
-   Subcraft: fish-shaped flying submarine/spacecraft used by Divatox; fires monster-enlarging torpedoes; initially based in Angel Grove Lake, later docks with Space Base
-   Space Base: spherical spacecraft base brought by General Havoc, kept by Divatox; resembles twisted mass of highways
-   Vehicle fleet: five tank-like assault vehicles used by Elgar in series opener, include elephant, cat (piloted by Elgar), cow, scorpion, pig
Vehicle fleet

-   leader of Bowzock
-   madly in love with Zonnette
-   deposed with arrival of Ritchihiker, works at yakiniku (fried meat) restaurant but returns following Ritchihiker's death
-   eventually joins forces with Carrangers to defeat Exhaus
-   after Exhaus's destruction, returns to his yakiniku job on Earth

-   strategist aboard subcraft, second in command

-   Gynamo's friend, second in command
-   armed with sword of playing cards
-   afraid of lightning since being struck as a child after taunting thunder, overcame fear to summon legendary Elekinta
-   sent monster to try to force Zonnette to marry Gynamo to cheer Gynamo up after learning of Zonnette's love for Kyousuke
-   after Exhaus's destruction, attends elementary school on Earth with Grotch

-   Divatox's half-witted adoptive mutant cousin
-   simpleminded, easily distracted
-   armed with sword of playing cards

-   Bowzock inventor, creates such devices as Fattening Spray used by NN Nerenko, Forgetfulness Water-Gun used on Space Speed King MAX
-   usually the one to buy monster-enlarging imo-youkan from Earth
-   before Rangers obtain RV Vehicles, briefly grows with expired imo-youkan?
-   after Exhaus's destruction, attends elementary school on Earth with Zelmoda

-   subcraft inventor
-   giddy, but most rational aboard ship
-   occasionally sent out for pizza
-   often feels underappreciated
-   uses information from stolen Turbozords to build evil Zords

-   initially a selfish member of Bowzock, manipulates lovestricken Gynamo
-   falls in love with Red Racer, eventually comes to love civilian Kyousuke persona as well (see Astronema, Power Rangers in Space)
-   actual name is "Vanity Mirror Fanbelt," princess of Fanbelt planet; can change between Zonnette and regular form by invoking the names of three types of pasta (ravioli, kishimen, linguini)
-   drives pink Zonnecar convertible
-   after Exhaus's destruction, returns to home planet but remains in love with Kyousuke

-   secretly sister of Dimitria, raised by infamous pirate clan
-   conniving, seeks power and riches
-   longs for family, unsuccessfully attempts to marry on numerous occasions
-   attacks Angel Grove for revenge after Rangers ruin plot to unleash/wed Maligore
-   learns of future evil alliance, attempts to manipulate history to gain upper hand
-   drives flying copper-colored convertible
-   discovers and destroys Power Chamber in finale, suddenly called away by Dark Specter


-   lava demon imprisoned on Muiranthias by Lerigot's ancestors
-   freed by Divatox, destroyed by Turbo Rangers

Wild Task Force Zokuranger
-   Ranger-like team of five Bowzock (four of which were recruited from BB Saloon), wield unique weapons and Carranger-like weapons
-   led by SS Pamaan, Bowzock's best hero researcher, team used techniques designed by Pamaan to counter Carrangers
-   used Zonnette's necklace (the same as Radietta Fanbelt's) to power Zokuren Bazooka
-   sole survivor giant Pamaan killed by RV Robo while announcing attack of legendary evil sword Great Galaxy Electric-Shock Science Darkness Sword

Crash and the Creeps
Crash and the Creeps, monster form
-   Ranger-like team of five monsters, wield unique weapons and Carranger-like weapons
-   led by Crash, warrior/musician
Crash, human form
-   disguise selves as human band, play hypnotic "Confusion" song with Cassie and partner
-   wield Ranger Scrambler cannon

-   "Consultant of Evil," hired by Gynamo to destroy Carrangers
-   struck with bolt of pure evil energy at Bowzock festival, powered up into RitchiRitchihiker
-   uses Braking to capture RV Robo, assumes command of Bowzock
-   dies in destruction of Braking

General Havoc
General Havoc
-   adoptive cyborg brother to Divatox, arrives 100 years after Divatox's request for Space Base and Metallasaurus
-   uses Metallasaurus to capture Turbo Megazord
-   disguises self as Phantom Ranger, then Cassie, to capture Phantom's Power Ruby
-   leaves following destruction of Metallasaurus to work on another

Exhaus Exhaus
-   "Reckless Dash Emperor," legendary galactic evil; personal symbol resembles Transformers' Decepticon symbol
-   originally instructed Gynamo to destroy Hazard in a New Year's fortune-telling card predicting he would have good luck destroying planets starting with "Ha-"
-   used five-colored gas over Police Planet to trick Signalman into fighting Carrangers, telling him the gas was from Carrangers' vehicle exhaust
-   takes control of Bowzock for Great Space Highway Plan to destroy Earth, which was in the way of planned space highway
-   gives Bowzock evil robot Norishiron 12, later Sky Gigune, Marine Zaboon, and Land Zuzoon
-   not needing Bowzock after absorbing Carmagic Powers, Exhaus sends flaming Baribarian hurtling toward Earth, but Carrangers crash Baribarian into Exhaus
-   returns in seemingly invincible Exhaus Super-Strong form after absorbing the evil of the galaxy
-   shrunken with expired imo-youkan given to him by Gynamo, destroyed by Carrangers

Dark Specter
-   mysterious evil entity
-   unites evil forces across universe, invades Eltar and captures Zordon in finale

-   supposedly strongest monster in the universe, arrives in finale to help Divatox
-   destroys Zords
-   destroyed from inside when fed detonating Turbo RAM

-   giant dinosaur-like robot built by Ritchihiker
-   damaged in battle with Carrangers, rebuilt into new version but soon destroyed
Braking v2.0

-   giant dinosaur-like Zord built by Havoc
-   damaged in battle with Turbo Rangers, rebuilt into new version but soon destroyed
Metallasaurus v2.0

Norishiron 12
Norishiron 12
-   giant blue robot with bull horns, created from punch-out cardboard model in Space Land magazine
-   piloted by Zelmoda
-   armed with chest cannons, Acceleration Device (for superspeed), axe (Norishiron Reckless Dashing Slice)
-   lost an arm when Zelmoda departed without a crucial pin in place, soon returned fully repaired
-   accidentally reverted into carboard sheets from Chiipuri's youth cream
-   returns as black Norishiron Final near finale

-   giant blue robot with bull horns, created by Porto
-   piloted by Elgar
-   armed with chest cannons, superspeed, axe
-   lost an arm when Elgar departed without a crucial pin in place, soon returned fully repaired
-   accidentally turned into camel from Mr. Goorific's transformation goo

Sky Gigune
Sky Gigune
-   red bird-headed robot issued by Exhaus
-   piloted by Zonnette in Radicar convertible

-   red bird-headed Zord created by Porto
-   piloted by Divatox in pink convertible

Marine Zaboon
Marine Zaboon
-   blue shark-like robot issued by Exhaus
-   piloted by Grotch

-   blue shark-like Zord created and piloted by Porto

Land Zuzoon
Land Zuzoon
-   gold lion-like robot issued by Exhaus
-   piloted by Gynamo
-   armed with Reckless Dash Claw; used tractor beam to capture Dappu
-   drained Dappu of Carmagic Power until being destroyed by Carrangers

-   gold lion-like robot created by Porto
-   piloted by Rygog
-   armed with claw
-   drained Zords' power until being destroyed with reverse energy flow

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