Lightning Task Force

-   when Gozma invades Earth, the planet reacts by showering five officers of the Earth Defense Squad with the mysterious power of the Earthforce, giving them the abilities of mythological beasts as the Changemen

Earth Defense Squad:

-   all wield Changeswords with two modes: gun or sword, plus shield
Changesword gun mode Changesword
-   team attacks include Power Bazooka (assembled from five separate bazookas), Blitzkrieg Flash, Power Shoot, Cross Hurricane, Blitzkrieg Victory Beam, Earthforce Blitzkrieg Sword, Penta Formation
Penta Formation?

Change Dragon (Tsurugi Hiryuu)

-   originally an EDS air force officer
-   good at baseball
-   armed with Dragon Attack, Dragon Thunder, Dragon Kick

Change Griffin (Hayate Shou)

-   originally an EDS Ranger
-   has a weakness for women
-   armed with Griffin Attack, Griffin Magma Galaxy

Change Pegasus (Oozora Yuuma)

-   originally an EDS army officer
-   comedic lover of food who wants to open his own tonkatsu restaurant
-   armed with Pegasus Attack, Pegasus Lightning Spark

Change Mermaid (Nagisa Sayaka)

-   originally an EDS Strategic Corps officer
-   inventor
-   armed with Mermaid Attack, Mermaid Typhoon Wave, Mermaid Big Wave

Change Phoenix (Tsubasa Mai)

-   originally an EDS reconnaissance officer
-   motorcyclist and tomboy
-   armed with Phoenix Attack, Phoenix Fire, Phoenix Fire Bomber

Commander Ibuki
Commander Ibuki
-   actually Yui Ibuki of Heath Star

-   Autochangers: motorcycles of five Changemen
-   Changecruiser: 4WD Toyota Hilux pickup
-   Shuttlebase: flying fortress resembling a space shuttle

Jet Changer 1 + Helichanger 2 + Landchanger 3 = Changerobo
-   Jet Changer 1 (Dragon) + Helichanger 2 (Griffin, Mermaid) + Landchanger 3 (Pegasus, Phoenix) = Changerobo
-   armed with Blitzkrieg Sword (Super Thunderbolt, Swallow Reversal, Wind Wheel Cut), Changerobo Missile, Change Vulcans

Great Star League Gozma
-   empire that devastates planets and uses the survivors as warriors to invade more planets
-   Space Beast Warriors: monsters; either captured beasts from conquered alien worlds, or aliens mutated into monsters
-   Hidrer Soliders: grunts in blue tights with blonde hair, born from eggs
Hidrer Soldier

Star King Bazoo
Star King Bazoo
-   actually a projection of the living planet Gozmastar

Commander Giluke
Commander Giluke
-   in charge of the invasion of Earth, from Girath
-   once plotted against Bazoo
-   dies and retuns as Ghost Giluke (later Super Giluke and the Space Beast Warrior Giluke)

Vice-Commander Booba
Vice-Commander Booba
-   former space pirate armed with the Buldobas sickle

Vice-Commander Seema
Vice-Commander Seema
-   princess of Amanga
-   has man's voice until defecting to Changemen's side

Queen Ahameth of Amazo
Queen Ahameth
-   has pet dragon, Jangeran

Navigator Gator of Nabi
-   has wife and child

-   one-eyed enlarging monster-creature from Gyodai

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