Five Star Task Force

-   first growing child Ranger
Mighty Morphin'
Season 2

-   first original US villain
-   first Zord change
-   first Ranger teen to change colors
-   first power transfer between members

-   6050 years ago, Daos civilization flourished in China until Gorma Tribe, led by Gorma Triumvirate, warred with Dai tribe
-   Chi Transmitting Beasts arrived decades later, and five Dai warriors possessed enough chi power to control them
-   Zhang Liao, ancient Ryuuranger, defects to Gorma 50 years later; proto-Dairangers are defeated, and both tribes vanish
-   Gorma attacks Japan in modern day; Master Kaku assembles five youths with high chi levels, Ryou and Lin being of Dai heritage
-   Kaku's master Guhon returns to China, leaving White Tiger True Sword, which Kou draws from a stone
-   Great God Dragon attacks both tribes in an attempt to end the war
-   Kaku rejoins Gorma seeking peace, Rangers refuse to break up despite Shadam's offer to cease fighting
-   Kaku strips Rangers of powers, fights Shadam for leadership but is slain when Zydos and Gara destroy his power source
-   Shadam becomes Gorma XVI; as Rangers fight, Great God Dragon wrecks Gorma Palace and Shadam dies
-   50 years later, Gorma returns; grandchildren of Dairangers become new team, fight similar monsters

-   continuation from MMPR season 1
-   Rita's master Lord Zedd returns, banishes Rita into space
-   Zedd's monster controls Dinozords, Rangers recapture Zords and transform them into new Thunderzords
-   Zedd targets Green Ranger, slowly uses up his powers in numerous battles
-   Zordon creates White Ranger powers, gives them to Tommy
-   Rangers meet three ninja teens from Stone Canyon
-   Jason, Trini, and Zack chosen for Peace Conference in Switzerland; Rangers retrieve Sword of Light from distant planet to transfer powers
-   Zordon selects new friends Rocky, Aisha, and Adam as replacement Rangers
-   Zedd attacks repeatedly in Serpentera
-   later, Rita returns, uses love potion to marry Lord Zedd
-   Rita and Zedd menace Rangers repeatedly
-   Rangers help Masked Rider on Edenoi (setup for Masked Rider spinoff, ported from Kamen Rider Black RX)

-   humans with high chi levels; transform with Aurachangers that spark their chi powers and generate Dairensuits of Daimetal and Daifibers which increase abilities eight- to tenfold
-   each armed with Dairenrod, each transforms into a different weapon
-   five armed with Starswords, Starcutters (dagger), which combine into Daibusters; also armed with Dairinken blades
Starsword Starcutter Dairinken
-   group attacks include Chi Power Bomber energy balls, later use Super Chi Power Bazooka (into which Starcutters, a Starsword, and seven jewels - one for each Ranger and Kameou - are inserted)
Super Chi Power Bazooka

Power Rangers
Power Rangers
-   existing team from MMPR season 1
-   ordinary humans, tap energies of Morphing Grid energy plane via Power Coins to morph into Power Rangers
-   all use communicators in morphed and unmorphed forms: microwave transceivers, also allow Rangers to teleport
-   each armed with Blade Blaster
Blade Blaster
-   group attacks include Power Blaster (Power Weapons combined), Power Cannon (into which charge balls - one for each Ranger - are inserted)
Power Blaster Power Cannon

Ryuuranger (Ryou)

-   Dragon Ranger of the Heaven Fire Star
-   23 years old
-   actually son of original Ryuuranger Zhang Liao and human woman; has younger sister Youko
-   wanted to be the best gyoza cook in Japan; worked in Yokohama's Chinatown
-   captured by Baron String, was saved by Master Kaku and recruited into Dairangers
-   armed with Red Dragon Fist, Red Dragon Double Dragon Swords, Heaven Fire Star Lightning Flames Destruction, Shooting Star Lightning Flash
-   Dairenrod: halberd
[Also Demon Hunter Jiuku in GoGo V.]

Red Ranger (Jason Lee)

-   existing Red Ranger from MMPR season 1
-   high school student, karate instructor
-   strong leader, steps down when Tommy becomes White Ranger
-   quick to blame self for losses
-   armed with Power Sword
Power Sword
-   chosen for Peace Conference in Switzerland

Red Ranger (Rocky DeSantos)

-   high school student, martial arts instructor
-   easygoing, fun-loving
-   chosen by Zordon to replace Jason

Shishiranger (Daigo)

-   Lion Ranger of the Heaven Phantom Star
-   24 years old
-   worked at a pet shop
-   armed with Lion Fist, Lion Staff, Heaven Phantom Star Mist Concealment
-   Dairenrod: fork

Black Ranger (Zack Taylor)

-   existing Black Ranger from MMPR season 1
-   high school student, dancer and musician
-   outgoing, fun-loving
-   armed with Power Axe
Power Axe
-   chosen for Peace Conference in Switzerland

Black Ranger (Adam Park)

-   high school student, martial arts instructor
-   shy, curious
-   chosen by Zordon to replace Zack

Tenmaranger (Shouji)

-   Pegasus Ranger of the Heaven Weight Star
-   19 years old
-   dreamed of becoming world boxing champion
-   armed with Pegasus Fist, Pegasus Nunchakus, Pegasus High Speed Spinning Kicks, Heaven Weight Star Gravity Inversion Destruction
-   Dairenrod: axe

Blue Ranger (Billy Cranston)

-   existing Blue Ranger from MMPR season 1
-   high school student, genius inventor
-   cool, collected
-   armed with Power Lance
Power Lance

Kirinranger (Kazu)

-   male in Dairanger
-   Kirin Ranger of the Heaven Time Star
-   20 years old
-   stylish beautician who escaped his home at age 15 and came to Tokyo
-   armed with drunken fist-like Kirin Fist, Kirin Nine Section Staff, Heaven Time Star Time Reversal, Rod Arrow
-   Dairenrod: conical spear

Yellow Ranger (Trini Kwan)

-   female in Power Rangers
-   existing Yellow Ranger from MMPR season 1
-   high school student, martial artist and activist
-   peaceful but outspoken
-   armed with Power Daggers
Power Dagger
-   chosen for Peace Conference in Switzerland

Yellow Ranger (Aisha Campbell)

-   high school student
-   bubbly, friendly
-   chosen by Zordon to replace Trini

Hououranger (Lin)

-   Phoenix Ranger of the Heaven Wind Star
-   Kaku's niece
-   came to Japan as an exchange student from China
-   hates living with Kou
-   once fell in love with Takamura Shouichirou, a.k.a. the Media Magician
-   armed with Phoenix Fist, Spear Phoenix, Heaven Straight Line Whirlwind
-   Dairenrod: multi-blade spear

Pink Ranger (Kimberly Hart)

-   existing Pink Ranger from MMPR season 1
-   high school student, gymnast
-   outgoing, popular
-   girlfriend of Tommy
-   armed with Power Bow
Power Bow


Green Ranger (Tommy Oliver)
Green Ranger
-   existing Green Ranger from MMPR season 1
-   high school student, martial arts instructor
-   serious, reserved over waning powers
-   loses temporary powers against Zedd's monsters
-   armed with Dragon Dagger, played to control Dragonzord
Dragon Dagger

Kibaranger (Kou)
-   Fang Ranger of the Howling New Star
-   son of Shadam and a woman of the Dai tribe
-   9 years old
-   4 years ago, mother took Kou away from Gorma and marked him with the sign of the tiger before being captured
-   has evil twin brother Akomaru
-   only one able to pull White Tiger True Sword placed by Guhon; grows to adult size as Kibaranger using Guhon's Kibachanger
-   armed with talking White Tiger True Sword, Howling New Star Chaos Echo, Fang Punch, White Tiger Bolt of Lightning
White Tiger True Sword

White Ranger (Tommy Oliver)
White Ranger
-   powers created by Zordon to replace Green Ranger, powers given to former Green Ranger Tommy
-   now good-humored, bold with new powers
-   Zord: White Tigerzord
-   armed with talking Saba sword, used to control Tigerzord

Original Dairangers
-   Dai warriors, fought Gorma 6050 years ago

Wild West Rangers
Wild West Rangers
-   ancestors of modern Ranger teens, chosen by time-traveling Kimberly
-   first Earthen users of Power Coins
-   include Rocko, Abraham, William, Miss Alicia
-   aided by Tommy's ancestor, White Stranger

Master Kaku
-   also known as Daoshi Jiaxu
-   defected from Gorma, formed Dairangers in modern day
-   returns to Gorma when Great God Dragon appears, hoping to overthrow Shadam and end the war
-   dies fighting Shadam

-   existing mentor from MMPR season 1
-   legendary ancient sage, communicates with this dimension using plasma tube in Command Center


Alpha Five
Alpha Five
-   existing helper from MMPR season 1
-   faithful robot assistant to Zordon, operates Command Center

-   female incarnation of Mahamayuri Vidyaraja, a Buddhist deity
-   freed from Make-Up Master in modern day after 6006 years of imprisonment


Zhang Liao
-   also known as Chou Ryou
-   ancient Ryuuranger, defected to Gorma 6000 years ago
-   fathers Ryou in modern-day Japan
-   sacrifices self to allow assembly of Dairen'ou



Command Center
Command Center Command Center
-   existing headquarters from MMPR season 1
-   Zordon's secret base in California desert


Bulk and Skull
Bulk and Skull
-   existing characters from MMPR season 1
-   high school students, obsessed with discovering Rangers' identities

Kiber Machines
-   Kiber Machines: five motorcycles, Red Kiber 1 through Pink Kiber 5


Dragon Star King
-   Ryuuranger's Chi Transmitting Beast
Dragon Star King -> Chi Transmitting Warrior
-   Dragon Star King -> Chi Transmitting Warrior
-   armed with Flying Dragon Staff, Great Wind Wheel staff-spinning technique

Red Dragon Thunderzord
-   Red Ranger's Thunderzord, recreated from Tyrannosaurus Dinozord from MMPR season 1
Red Dragon -> Red Dragon Warrior Mode
-   Red Dragon -> Red Dragon Warrior Mode
-   armed with staff, staff-spinning technique

Heaven Chi Palace
Star Lion + Star Pegasus + Star Kirin + Star Phoenix = Heaven Chi Palace
-   Star Lion + Star Pegasus + Star Kirin + Star Phoenix = Heaven Chi Palace
-   flying mount for Chi Transmitting Warrior

Assault Team
-   consists of Thunderzords, recreated from Dinozords
Lion + Unicorn + Griffin + Firebird = Assault Team
-   Lion + Unicorn + Griffin + Firebird = Thunderzord Assault Team
-   flying mount for Red Dragon Warrior Mode

Chi Transmitting Warrior + Star Lion + Star Pegasus + Star Kirin + Star Phoenix = Dairen'ou
-   Dragon Star King + Star Lion + Star Pegasus + Star Kirin + Star Phoenix = Dairen'ou (Great Union King)
-   armed with Chi Kung Shot, Dai Javelin, Great King Sword (Gale Rage Waves technique)

Thunder Megazord
Red Dragon + Lion + Unicorn + Griffin + Firebird = Thunder Megazord
-   Red Dragon + Lion + Unicorn + Griffin + Firebird = Thunder Megazord
-   armed with mist projection, Thunder Saber


-   Green Ranger's existing Zord from MMPR season 1
-   left slumbering in sea after Green Ranger loses powers

Won Tiger
-   Kibaranger's Chi Transmitting Beast
Won Tiger -> Won Tiger warrior mode
-   transforms from tiger to warrior mode
-   armed with Fireballs, Golden Sword
-   Chi Transmitting Treasure Pearls behind Kibaranger in cockpit represent Moon, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth, and Sun (akin to the seven Japanese days of the week)

White Tigerzord
-   White Ranger's Thunderzord
Tigerzord -> Tigerzord warrior mode
-   transforms from tiger to Warrior Mode
-   armed with Thunderbolts, saber

Fang Great King
Won Tiger + Star Lion + Star Pegasus + Star Kirin + Star Phoenix = Fang Great King
-   Star Lion + Star Pegasus + Star Kirin + Star Phoenix + Won Tiger = Fang Great King
-   armed with Great Chi Power Punch, Flying Sword Splinters, Dust attack (Star Phoenix launched from arm)

Tigerzord + Lion + Unicorn + Griffin + Firebird = Megatigerzord
-   Lion + Unicorn + Griffin + Firebird + Tigerzord = Megatigerzord
-   armed with energy barrier, Firebird launch

-   giant turtle mecha, normally disguised as Kameo of Dai tribe
Daimugen -> Daimugen warrior mode
-   stands upright for warrior form
-   can house Dragon Star King or Won Tiger
Chi Transmitting Warrior + Heaven Chi Palace + Won Tiger + Daimugen = Heavy Armor Chi Palace
-   Dragon Star King + Heaven Chi Palace + Won Tiger + Daimugen = Heavy Armor Chi Palace
-   Heavy Armor Chi Palace flies with Dragon Star King's staff propellor and crushes monsters by falling

-   giant turtle mecha, created from living turtle by Zordon
Tor -> Tor warrior mode
-   stands upright for warrior form
-   can house Red Dragon or White Tigerzord
Red Dragon + Assault Team + Tigerzord + Tor = Thunder Ultrazord
-   Red Dragon Warrior Mode + Assault Team + Tigerzord + Tor = Thunder Ultrazord
-   Thunder Ultrazord flies with Red Dragon's staff propellor and crushes monsters by falling

Gorma Tribe
-   branch of ancient Chinese Daos civilization, seeks world conquest
-   magical powers have enabled tribe to transform into monsters
-   Cotpotros: grunts in black tights with blank faces aside from red lips

Rita and Zedd's forces
-   monsters created from animated objects/animals (Lord Zedd) or clay sculptures (Finster)
-   Zedd's Putties: advanced Putties brought by Lord Zedd; Z's on chests cause Putties to shatter when hit
-   Moon palace: formerly Rita's moonbase, now slightly modified
Moon palace

Gorma XV
Gorma XV
-   emperor of Gorma
-   in actuality, merely a figurehead revived by Shadam


Gorma Triumvirate
-   leadership trio of Gorma; includes Shadam, Gara, and Zydos
-   can transform into silver-skinned forms for battle
-   supply monsters with Kyodai-Kabakudan silver growth potion orbs to grow

Lord Zedd
Lord Zedd
-   leader of crumbled empire, now returns to take over from failing Rita
-   seeks to rule Earth, regain former glory
-   uses staff to turn objects/animals into monsters
-   throws silver growth potion orbs to monsters to grow
-   later weds Rita under love potion


Rita Repulsa
Rita Repulsa
-   existing villainess from MMPR season 1
-   banished into cosmos in space dumpster when Lord Zedd returns
-   returns, uses love potion to marry Zedd in plot to take over
-   uses Finster's moon mud to look younger

Lt. Colonel Shadam
Shadam giant Shadam
-   monocled, true ruler of Gorma
-   has twin sons Kou and Akomaru
-   becomes Gorma XVI by stealing Great Earthshaking Jewel from Gorma XV
-   secretly revived Gara and Gorma XV (likely Zydos as well) following their deaths 6000 years ago
-   turns into earthen figure upon dying, just like other resurrected generals

Mondo the Magician
-   evil wizard in storybook dimension, freed by Rita

Lt. Colonel Gara
-   female of Gorma Triumvirate
-   originally from Dai Tribe
-   sold her soul to Gorma after being injured and then treated coldly by Kujaku


Major Zydos
-   strongman of Gorma Triumvirate


Demon Boxer Jin
-   Ryou's rival
-   sold his soul to Gorma for enhanced strength

Dark Rangers
Dark Rangers
-   include Justin (Red), Zane (Black), ? (Blue), Tina (Yellow), ? (Pink)
-   obnoxious counterparts of early Ranger teens
-   agree to serve Zedd as Dark Rangers, but returned without memories when Green Crystal is destroyed
-   pleasant once befriended by Ranger teens


-   existing henchman from MMPR season 1
-   defects to Lord Zedd's side
-   has wings restored when Zedd arrives
-   now a bumbling toady
-   frequently pummeled by White Ranger


-   existing henchman from MMPR season 1
-   quietly sculpts spare monsters while unneeded by Zedd
-   happily helps Rita create love potion to marry Zedd


Squatt and Baboo
Squatt Baboo
-   existing henchmen from MMPR season 1


Scorpina Scorpina monster
-   existing villainess from MMPR season 1
-   flees when Zedd arrives, briefly returns disguised as student Sabrina to trick Adam

Great God Dragon
Great God Dragon
-   mysterious, all-powerful neutral force which descends from space to end Dai/Gorma war
-   nearly annihilates Tokyo

-   giant dragon mecha created by Zedd
-   destroys Deserted Planet on Rangers' quest for Sword of Light
-   frequently runs out of power

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