Electron Task Force

-   first sentai with familiar goggle masks
-   first transforming sentai robo

-   3000 years ago, Vader Clan devastates Denzi Star
-   Denziland, an island from Denzi Star, lands on Earth
-   in modern times, computer of Denziland awakens Denzidog IC when Vader Clan approaches Earth
-   IC finds five young people (who may or may not be descendants of the Denzi people) to become the Denzimen in order to defend Earth
-   Denzimen begin a long record of success with the defeat of Vader Monster number 00, Flying Squirreler
-   Denzimen realize they may be descendants of the Denzi people and that other scattered descendants may exist on Earth
-   Queen Hedrian, struggling in her attempts to make the world a living nightmare, receives an offer of assistance from the space wanderer Omnipotent Demon King
-   ODK's real goal is the conquest of Earth for himself
-   ODK captures Vader Castle and torments Denzimen with his Omnipotent Monse
-   giant Hedrer goes into battle but dies tragic death
-   Denzimen find themselves helpless against ODK and his monster until IC sacrifices himself to become a circuit for Daidenzin
-   after ODK and monster are defeated, Hedrian escapes to the North Pole, where she sleeps, encased in ice

-   each armed with Denzistick, combine into Denziboomerang and are all used in the Electronic Lightning Fall
-   other team attacks include Shot Gun, Blitzkrieg Attack, Denzi Circle, Denzi Shower, Dragonfly, Scramble Chain, and Denzi Tower

Denzired (Akaki Ippei)

-   teacher of karate and other sports to children at the Athletic Club
-   Special move: Denzi Vaccum Kick

Denziblue (Oume Daigorou)

-   circus acrobat who teaches yoga and gymnastics at the Athletic Club
-   Special moves: Blue Rocket, Blue Screw Kick, Blue Snake

Denziyellow (Kiyama Jun)

-   inventor and space researcher
-   coaches calisthenics
-   Special moves: Denzi Suplex, Flying Attack, Hammer Punch

Denzigreen (Midorikawa Tatsuya)

-   detective who lost his father to a Vader attack
-   coaches boxing
-   Special move: Denzi Spin Kick

Denzipink (Momoi Akira)

-   former tennis player who teaches swimming at the Athletic Club
-   Special move: Denzi Thunder Throw

IC the Denzidog
IC the Denzidog
-   intelligent robot dog that came from Denzi Star 3000 years ago to assemble the Denziman team

Denzi Princess
Denzi Princess
-   Survivor of Denzi Star
-   visited Earth 3000 years ago, ordering a servant girl to defend the Earth with the rainbow stones
-   left Earth to patrol the universe

-   Denzi Machine: sidecar motorcycle for Denzired
Denzi Machine
-   Denzi Buggy: Jeep for Denziblue through Denzipink
Denzi Buggy
-   Denzicraft: red hovercraft
-   Denzitiger: flying fortress carrying the Denzifighter that launches from Denziland

Denzifighter -> Daidenjin
-   Denzifighter -> Daidenjin (Giant Electric Man)
-   first transforming sentai robot
-   armed with Denzi Sword (Full Moon Cut), Denzi Ball, Daidenjin Boomerang

-   island headquarters

Vader Clan
-   invaders from another dimension with warped concepts of beauty
-   intends to pollute and corrupt the Earth and its inhabitants to fit its unusual aesthetic
-   Vader Monsters: first appear as eggs from an incubator, then hatched in Monster Making Range; can enlarge themselves at will; usually wear numbers
-   Dastlers: grunts in black tights with skeletal designs; armed with sickles
-   Vader Fighters: more bat-winged planes
-   Vader Castle: flying fortress hidden in another dimension
Vader Castle

Queen Hedrian
Queen Hedrian
-   hates beauty and wants to pollute the world
-   finds happiness in human suffering
[Also Hedrian in SunVulcan, Bandora in Zyuranger.]

General Hedrer
General Hedrer
-   field commander
[Also Spider-Man in series of same name.]

Mirror and Keller
Mirror and Keller
-   female spies in gold and slver, respectively

Omnipotent Demon King (37-51)
Omnipotent Demon King
-   half-naked, musclebound space wanderer

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