Science Task Force

-   first standard shiny suits
-   first extra mystery man who antagonizes everyone

-   five inventors with dreams assemble at Yumeno Invention Laboratory to pursue their dreams with the aid of Dr. Yumeno
-   Dr. Yumeno tells them of Evilution menace, giving them Dynasuits of his own design and dispatching them as Dynamen to stop Evilution
-   after numerous failures, General Kar unleashes Mechavolution monsters, but the Dynamen use the new Super Dynamite attack
-   Evilution awakens Zenobia, who destroys the Dynastation
-   Megiddo, a failure, is sentenced to be imprisoned in the Millennium Cave
-   Darkknight appears, menacing both the Dynamen and the Empire
-   Empire seeks Retro Gene which can increase the number of their tails, search takes them to Dr. Yumeno
-   Zenobia teams up with Darkknight to get ahold of the Retro Gene, but dies after using it to get ten tails
-   Darkknight defeats Aton to reveal himself as the banished Emperor Megiddo
-   Megiddo and Chimera die aboard the exploding Grangizmo

Yumeno Invention Center
-   playground for children, actually the Dynastation

-   team attacks include the Super Dynamite, New Super Dynamite, Mach Dash, and consecutive Dynakicks
-   each is armed with a Dynarod gun

Dynared (Dan Hokuto)

-   dreams of inventing a non-polluting engine
-   motorcycle racer and kendo master from Hokkaido
-   wields double Dynaswords
-   Dynarod fires the Red Fire

Dynablack (Hoshikawa Ryuu)

-   astronomer, dreams of contacting aliens
-   descendant of Iga ninjas
-   armed with Battletector armor, Cross Cutter boomerangs, and Strong Shower webbing
Cross Cutter boomerangs
-   Dynarod fires the Black Star Flash
[Also GoggleBlack in Goggle Five.]

Dynablue (Shima Yousuke)

-   swimmer, dreams of inventing artificial gills
-   master of aquatic sports from Ishigaki Island
-   armed with Surf Jet vehicle, Attack Board, and Blue Frisbees
Blue Frisbees
-   Dynarod fires the Blue Water Whirlpool

Dynayellow (Nangou Kousaku)

-   dreams of improving plant breeds
-   from Kyushu
-   armed with Chain Crushers
Chain Crushers
-   Dynarod fires the Yellow Thunderlight Fall

Dynapink (Tachibana Rei)

-   dreams of talking with animals
-   armed with Rose Sabre, Flower Shield, and rose bombs
Flower Shield
-   Dynarod fires the Pink Shocking Melody
[Also Nefelura in Flashman.]

Dr. Yumeno Kyuutarou
Dr. Yumeno
-   commander of the team who doubles as head of the Yumeno Invention Center

Kendo Robot (1-37)
-   mascot of Yumeno Invention Center, invented by Dr. Yumeno
-   destroyed with base in episode 37

-   Dynafalcon: Dynared's motorcycle
-   Dynamachine: 4WD truck for the other Dynamen
-   Dyjupiter: mothership carrying components of Dynarobo

Dyna Mach + Dyna Mobile + Dyna Garry = Dynarobo
-   Dyna Mach (Red) + Mobile (Black, Blue) + Garry (Yellow, Pink) = Dynarobo
-   armed with Science Sword (Lightning Gravitational Fall), Dynaknuckles, Dynashield, Dynaboomerang, and Beat Hammer

Evilution (Jashinka) Empire
-   underground race of reptiles ranked by number of tails
-   Evilution Beasts: early monsters; "life soup" artificially undergoes evolution in Progressor machine, emerging as Evilution Beasts; monsters undergo the Big Bang Process to grow giant, often with bulkier legs
-   Mechavolution Beasts: later monsters; have implanted weapons
-   Tail Soldiers: naked lizard grunts with red eyes and green and black skin; have 1 tail
Tail Soldiers
-   Kira and Geel: Megiddo's early bodyguards; 1 tail?; resemble common Tail Soldiers with different clothing and berets
Kira and Geel with Megiddo
-   Grangizmo: mobile fortress, resembles giant flying fish

Emperor Aton
-   has 9 tails, dreams of having 10

General Kar
-   has 7 tails
-   "Great God of War," scientist

Prince/Emperor Megiddo
Megiddo Megiddo
-   initially has 5 tails, loses one in battle with Dynared
-   imprisoned as a failure, reemerges as masked Darkknight, master of "Dance of Darkness" sword technique
-   ultimately claims throne for himself

Princess Chimera (8-50)
-   Megiddo's cousin
-   witch with 4 tails

General Zenobia (37-50)
-   has 7 tails
-   awakened from Millennium Cave, soon taking Megiddo's place in Empire

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