Supernova Task Force

-   first sentai with two robos

-   twenty years ago, five infants kidnapped by aliens were saved and raised by the alien Flash race on five planets, gaining special abilities
-   the five fight Mess, the organization whose alien hunters had captured them originally
-   Flashmen return to homeworld Earth, now foreign to them, in search of real parents, able to remain on Earth for only a year before suffering from Anti-Flash Phenomenon

-   all wield Prism Shooters with two modes: gun, or sword and shield
Prism Shooter gun mode Prism Shooter sword and shield
-   team attacks include Rolling Vulcan (five guns in one), Combination Super Spear, Combination Cross Boomerang
Cross Boomerang Rolling Vulcan components Rolling Vulcan Combination Super Spear

Red Flash (Jin)

-   learned science on Flash Star, main planet of the Flash solar system, inhabited by people vaguely resembling Ultramen
-   armed with Prism Holy Sword, Fire Thunder
Prism Holy Sword

Green Flash (Dai)

-   gained great strength on rocky Green Star
-   armed with Prism Kaiser gloves
Prism Kaiser gloves

Blue Flash (Bun)

-   gained speed and agility on deserts of Blue Star
-   youngest member
-   armed with Prism Ball, Star Darts
Star Darts

Yellow Flash (Sara)

-   developed sharp mind on cold planet Yellow Star
-   actually the kidnapped daughter of Dr. Tokimura
-   armed with Prism Batons, Mach Blizzard
Prism Batons

Pink Flash (Lou)

-   developed jumping abilities on high gravity planet Pink Star
-   armed with Prism Boots, Jet Kick
Prism Boots

-   team's robot assistant

-   Flashhawks: team's five motorcycles
-   Star Condor: plane-like flying fortress
Star Condor
-   Round Base: box-like flying fortress capable of space travel, brought Flashmen to Earth
Round Base

Tank Command + Jet Delta + Jet Seeker = Flashking
-   Tank Command (Red) + Jet Delta (Green, Yellow) + Jet Seeker (Blue, Pink) = Flashking
-   armed with Cosmo Sword (Super Cosmo Flash), King Missiles, King Knuckles

Titanboy, truck mode -> Titanboy, robot mode
-   initially a truck (Titanboy) and trailer (Flash Titan)
Titanboy + Flash Titan = Great Titan
-   Titanboy + Flash Titan = Great Titan
-   first secondary robo in sentai
-   armed with Radial Cutters (Titanboy), Boy Cannons (Titanboy), Titan Nova (Great Titan)

Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess
-   takes over planets, using their lifeforms as fodder for its experiments
-   goal is transformation of Great Emperor Lar Deus into strongest being in the universe
-   Beast Warriors: monsters; hybrids of Earth and alien genes
-   Deus Beast Warriors: later monsters; have the genes of Lar Deus himself
-   Zorors: green-eyed, red-skinned insectoid grunts
-   Reconstructive Experiment Base Labor: flying saucer headquarters for Mess
Base Labor

Great Emperor Lar Deus
Lar Deus
-   leader of Mess
-   ends up as the monster Za Deusoola

Great Doctor Lee Keflen
Doctor Lee Keflen
-   geneticist, creator of Beast Warriors
-   originally from Earth

Ley Wanda
Ley Wanda
-   winged zebra-like field commander
-   can transform into the bestial Wandarla

Ley Nefel
Ley Nefel
-   catlike field commander
-   can transform into the bestial Nefelura
[Also Dynapink in Dynaman.]

Ulk and Kilt
Ulk Kilt
-   Nefelura's feline assistants

Ley Garus (1-28)
Ley Garus
-   white-furred, blue-skinned brute field commander

Sir Cowler (15-48)
Sir Cowler
-   boss of Alien Hunters
-   armed with a whip
-   kidnapped the five future Flashmen as infants twenty years ago

Bo Gardan (43-48)
Bo Gardan
-   second in command of Alien Hunters

Alien Hunters
Alien Hunters (left to right: Baura, Hag, Kerao, Hou)
-   Baura, Hag, Kerao, Hou, and one unnamed member

-   monster-enlarging jellyfish

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