Great Task Force

-   Dr. Hongou, founder of Future Science Laboratory, confirms that Deathdark has begun its nefarious activities at Wolfborg Castle in Germany
-   attacked by Deathdark, he is saved by Akama and returns to Japan, where he has Comboyputer select five people, including Akama, to become the Great Task Force Goggle V
-   Fuehrer Taboo eventually revives Grand Marshal Deathmark from a long sleep
-   to reorganize Deathdark, Deathmark sentences Doctors Zazoria and Igaana to death
-   Deathdark creates seemingly indestructible Super Synthetic Beasts, but the team counters with Goggle Golden Spear attack
-   Deathmark discovers super energy 'Hightron' and create Dark Cannon
-   Deathdark meanwhile discovers Goggle V's base and destroys it
-   Deathmark sends Hightron-powered Cheetah and Bear Mozoo/Kongs after the team, but they fail despite Deathgiller piloting Bear Kong himself
-   Dr. Hongou builds the team a new base
-   team breaks into Deathtopia, fight giant Taboo and defeat him with eye-poking Earth Sword Electron Galactic Missile

The Future Science Laboratory
-   Goggle V team was chosen by this lab's Comboyputer

Goggle V
Goggle V
-   many combination attacks, such as Lightning Ropes, Dynamite Clubs, Ring Spin Typhoons, Lightning Light Balls, Ribbon Sparks, Goggle Victory Flash, Goggle Bomber, Sabre Attack, and Goggle Golden Spear
-   all are armed wih Goggle Sabres

Gogglered (Akama Ken'ichi)

-   world class explorer and mountain climber
-   forehead jewel is ruby, symbolizing Atlantis
-   armed with Red Ruby Whip and Red Rope
Red Ruby Whip

Goggleblack (Kuroda Kanpei)

-   president of chess club at Touto University; specializes in strategy
-   normally a janitor of Kourakuen Stadium
-   forehead jewel is emerald, symbolizing Asia
-   armed with Black Clubs, Black Emerald Nunchakus, Dynamite Clubs, Black Shadow technique, and Black Wind Wheel Whirlwind technique
Black Clubs
[Also Dynablack in Dynaman.]

Goggleblue (Aoyama Saburou)

-   ice hockey player and would-be inventor
-   forehead jewel is sapphire, symbolizing Egypt
-   armed with the Blue Ring, Blue Sapphire Jet Ring, Ring Waist Break technique, and Blue Jet Dash technique
Blue Ring

Goggleyellow (Kijima Futoshi)

-   works at a zoo
-   forehead jewel is opal, symbolizing Mu (Lemuria)
-   armed with Yellow Ball, Lightning Light Ball, Yellow Opal Megaton Ball, Yellow Hammer, Yellow Holedigging technique, and Yellow Mole Strike technique
Yellow Ball

Gogglepink (Momozono Miki)

-   gymnast, works as an announcer at Kourakuen Stadium
-   forehead jewel is diamond, symbolizing Mayans and Incas
-   armed with Pink Ribbon, Pink Diamond Baton, Pink Mirror, Pink Ribbon Bind technique, and Pink Heart Hypnosis technique
Pink Ribbon

Dr. Hongou
-   doctor belonging to the Future Science Lab
-   founder of Goggle V

Computer Boys & Girls ('Comboy')
Computer Boys and Girls
-   five kids in blue tights, comprise the junior Goggle V
-   support the team with the Comboyputer
-   each follows a specific team member: Ueda Tatsuya (Red), Takenaka Makoto (Black), Shimada Haruo (Blue), Ooyama Daisuke (Yellow), and Aizawa Akane (Pink)

-   Gogglemachine: Gogglered's motorcycle
-   Gogglecougar: 4WD truck for the others

Goggle Jet + Goggle Tank + Goggle Dump = Gogglerobo
-   Goggle Jet (Red) + Tank (Blue and Black) + Dump (Yellow and Pink) = Gogglerobo
-   armed with Earth Sword (Electron Galaxy Cut), Goggle Hand, hand Missile, Goggle Flash beam, and Goggle Spin top

-   flying fortress, launches from a pad beneath Kourakuen Stadium (amusement park featuring Toei heroes)
-   launches three components of Goggle Robo from numbered drawers

Dark Science Empire Deathdark
-   from the discovery of iron in ancient Turkey, the 'Dark Scientists' have existed to move the world in the shadows
-   Synthetic Beasts (Mozoos): early monsters; combinations of animal genes and metal atoms; when defeated, Refresh Power ray gives them enough energy to enable them to pilot their Kongs
-   Super Synthetic Beasts: later monsters, made of Neometal
-   Kongs: giant robots usually modeled after Mozoos who pilot them; have blue cockpits on their heads and bulky legs
-   Madaramen: android grunts in camoufalage-colored tights
-   Dark Giant Castle Deathtopia: flying castle-shaped fortress; launches giant robots from its gate; usually underwater

Fuehrer Taboo
Fuehrer Taboo
-   one-eyed "super gene" product of genetic engineering
-   hides behind translucent wall until emerging, giant-sized, for finale

General Deathgiller
General Deathgiller
-   swordsman field commander in black
-   piloted the last of the Kongs, Bear Kong

Grand Marshal Deathmark (15-50)
-   Pharaoh-like commander brought back to life by Taboo

-   henchwoman in black, armed with cat o' nine tails

Bella and Beth
Bella Beth
-   Deathmark's twin handmaidens
-   faceless warriors in purple and blue tights who assume human forms

Dr. Zazoria (1-18)
Dr. Zazoria
-   Dark Scientist scorpion-woman, builds mecha-motif robots
-   rival of Dr. Igaana
-   put to death by Deathmark

Dr. Igaana (1-18)
Dr. Igaana
-   Dark Scientist iguana-man, builds beast-motif robots
-   put to death by Deathmark

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