Rescue Task Force

-   takes place in 1999 (see Jetman, Ohranger)

-   separated from mother Grandienne, Saima Clan prepares for her invasion of Earth on day of upcoming Grand Cross planetary alignment
-   in 1992, Mrs. Tatsumi leaves to search for missing husband, vanishes in plane crash
-   in 1999, Saima monster MagmaGolem sent to Capital City, Mondo returns to give power of GoGoV to Tatsumi siblings, reveals hidden base
-   later, GoGoV use Grand Liner against resurrected MagmaGolem
-   Zylpheeza unleashes Zoodo, Jiin, and Guuru; three eventually destroyed with aid of Linerboy
-   Grandienne orders Zylpheeza to kill Drop, but Zylpheeza soon killed in battle
-   Drop cocooned, soul wanders as small boy
-   Grandienne arrives in this dimension, but trapped halfway by Mondo's interruption of ceremony
-   cocoon soon reveals Prince Salamandes
-   Grandienne sends Dark Asteroid Grande toward Earth, stopped by new Mars Machines
-   Salamandes and Drop develop Infinity Chain monsters but all three defeated, Salamandes loses Grandienne's favor
-   Salamandes and gatekeeper Chaos revive dead Saima Beasts from Hell as Ghost Saima Beasts, GoGoV trapped in Hell have to fight Ghost Saima Beasts who seek bodies to be reborn into
-   GoGoV escape with help of mother's spirit
-   Grandienne banishes Salamandes to Hell
-   Salamandes absorbs Ghost Saima Beasts and escapes as Ghost King Salamandes, soon dies
-   Grandienne secludes herself to begin full transfer into this dimension
-   Venus infects Matoi with spider parasite to channel life force to Zylpheeza through receiver parasite to pull him from Hell
-   as GoGoV conquer spell, Venus uses parasite to surrender own lifeforce to Zylpheeza, dying
-   Grandienne completes transformation; uses Kobolda armed with Cobolt Bazooka as lure, brings four GoGoV and henchmen to Saima Road
-   Zylpheeza refuses to fire bazooka to destroy GoGoV and Kobolda, but Grandienne forces him, killing Kobolda
-   Zylpheeza turned into flames to burn GoGoV
-   Matoi, still weak from parasite, finds gateway to Saima Road; Zylpheeza encourages him to destroy Grandienne, then dies
-   Matoi storms Saima Paradico, defeats Grandienne, but she briefly appears in giant form before vanishing
-   Grandienne resurrects Salamandes, then Zylpheeza as his slave
-   GoGoV get through to Zylpheeza, so Salamandes kills him again
-   as Salamandes falls, Grandienne again resurrects Salamandes and Zylpheeza as mindless giant Beasts of Doom, sends all her negative energy to them
-   MaxVictoryRobo destroyed protecting building in which GoYellow and GoPink are rescuing children
-   Matsuri and Daimon return to base, discover key to Sigma Project and phone number to long-lost mother who has been in coma for 10 years
-   empowered with knowledge of mother being alive, GoGoV power VictoryRobo Black Version with mental energy, destroy Beasts of Doom and Grandienne's negative energy
-   Tatsumi family reunites at last

-   5,000 years ago, powerful warlock sealed Queen Bansheera's demons in tomb
-   over time, city of Mariner Bay is constructed on demons' former sacred grounds
-   years before present day, Bill Mitchell allows son Ryan to be taken by Diabolico to save him from disastrous car accident
-   Mitchell goes on to construct top secret Lightspeed Aquabase in preparation for demons' release, with help of Miss Fairweather and government funding
-   in present day, with Grand Cross planetary alignment looming, demons are released from tomb by wandering nomads
-   Mitchell has daughter Dana recruit four specially chosen individuals to become Lightspeed Rangers, Dana joining them as Pink
-   Rangers equipped with Lightspeed Rescuezords when Magmavore lands downtown
-   later, Rangers use Supertrain Megazord against resurrected Magmavore
-   Ryan steals experimental Titanium Morpher for Diabolico on 20th birthday, becomes Titanium Ranger
-   Ryan eventually defects to Rangers' side to help against Diabolico's warriors Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon
-   Diabolico curses Ryan with cobra tattoo
-   Ryan risks life to help others in new Max Solarzord
-   Ryan helps destroy remaining monsters after defeating cobra curse in ancient tomb
-   Diabolico destroyed in battle, Impus becomes Olympius upon inheriting Star Power
-   Queen Bansheera arrives in this dimension, but trapped halfway by Ryan's interruption of ceremony
-   Ryan departs in search of secrets to defeat Bansheera
-   Olympius sends asteroid toward Earth, stopped by new Omegazords, Olympius loses Bansheera's favor
-   Olympius doublecrosses potential replacements Loki and Vypra, they in turn resurrect Diabolico from tomb
-   Olympius and Gatekeeper trap Rangers in Shadow World, where they are unable to destroy the already dead monsters within
-   Rangers escape with help of Ryan and Sorcerer of the Sands
-   Diabolico steals Golden Key from Olympius, trapping him in Shadow World
-   Olympius absorbs monster energies and escapes in stronger form, Jinxer provides extra power by hypnotizing Captain Mitchell into diverting Aquabase energy to him; plot foiled, and Olympius is thought to be killed
-   Jinxer secretly nurses Olympius back to health
-   Bansheera begins transformation into monster form, consumes Vypra for final energy boost
-   Loki gives Diabolico gift of spider pendant
-   Bansheera uses Loki as lure, brings four Rangers and henchmen to Skull Cavern while Carter stumbles upon Olympius's cave
-   Diabolico refuses to fire bazooka to destroy Rangers and Loki, but Bansheera forces him, killing Loki
-   Diabolico turned into flames to burn Rangers
-   Carter finds gateway to Skull Cavern; Diabolico tells him to strike Bansheera where her heart would be, then dies
-   Carter storms skull castle, defeats Bansheera, but she briefly appears in giant form before vanishing
-   Olympius clashes with Diabolico and wins, Bansheera turns him into Olympius's slave
-   Rangers get through to Diabolico, so Olympius destroys him
-   as Olympius falls, Bansheera resurrects Olympius and Diabolico in giant advanced forms
-   Lightspeed Solarzord destroyed
-   Dana and Kelsey return to base, activate new Lifeforce Megazord
-   Rangers destroy duo, but Jinxer plants Batling card on Megazord
-   Diabolico's Golden Key returns to tomb where Ryan finds it, but Bansheera captures him
-   Batlings raid Aquabase as Bansheera prepares eclipse ceremony to unleash all monsters from Shadow World
-   Carter frees Ryan, Rangers seal Bansheera in Shadow World with help of Diabolico's spirit

GoGo V
-   helmets have rebreathers, often transparent visors
-   all wield Fivelasers with two modes: gun mode, stick mode; LaserGrip also used to operate mecha
Fivelaser Fivelaser stick mode
-   group weapons include Lifebird, with components: Claw Anchor (shoots cabled grappling claws), Wing Spreader (scissor-like weapon), Build Discharger (shoots extinguishing mist), Beak Driller (drill), Tail Injector (healing spray); in Breaker-Mode, shoots Calamity Breaker
Lifebird -> Lifebird components -> Lifebird Breaker-Mode
-   all obtain V-Mode Braces (amplify strength and weapon abilities)
V-Mode Brace
-   all wield V-Lancers with two modes: lance, or combined with LaserGrip for V-MachineGun; also comes with V-Boomerang
-   all obtain Goblasters with three modes: Normal-Mode (lasers), Rescue-Mode (extinguishing pellets), Hyper-Mode (linked with V-Mode Brace)

Lightspeed Rangers
Lightspeed Rangers
-   helmets have rebreathers, retractable visors
-   all wield Rescue Blasters with three modes: laser mode, extinguisher mode, baton mode; Blaster Grips also used to operate Zords
Rescue Blaster Rescue Blaster baton
-   group weapons include Rescue Bird, with components: Rescue Claw, Rescue Cutter (scissor-like weapon), Rescue Laser (shoots mist), Rescue Drill, Rescue Injector; in Unilaser mode, shoots energy beam
Rescue Bird -> Rescue Bird components -> Unilaser
-   all obtain Battle Boosters (amplify strength and weapon abilities)
Battle Booster
-   all wield V-Lancers with two modes: lance, or combined with Blaster Grip for blaster mode (combined for Spectra Blast); also comes with boomerang
-   all obtain Thermo Blasters with two modes: standard laser, booster mode (linked with Battle Booster)
Thermo Blaster

GoRed (Tatsumi Matoi)

-   eldest Tatsumi child, leader of GoGoV; takes protective role
-   24 years old
-   belongs to Special Rescue Brigade of Capital Fire Department
-   terrible housemate, but drove others to high levels of discipline
-   proud, accepts almost any challenge

Red Ranger (Carter Grayson)

-   firefighter, saved as a child by mystery firefighter, actually Captain Mitchell
-   serious, devoted
-   must initially learn to think before acting
-   regards Mitchell as mentor/father figure

GoBlue (Tatsumi Nagare)

-   second-born Tatsumi child
-   23 years old
-   develops fire retardant at Capital Fire Department Chemical Firefighting Brigade
-   designed Big Douser in 1998

Blue Ranger (Chad Lee)

-   diver, worked at marine park
-   humble, focused
-   expert martial artist, gave up martial arts training with sensei Mr. Tamashiro to be a Power Ranger
-   falls in love with Marina the mermaid
-   good friends with Kelsey
-   armed with blue Mega Battle armor (ice/water cannon)
Mega Battle

GoGreen (Tatsumi Shou)

-   third-born Tatsumi child
-   22 years old
-   helicoptor pilot of Capital Fire Department Helicoptor Brigade
-   flying is his life's dream
-   working as GoGoV often got in the way of his flight assignments
-   often overlooked middle child
-   well-behaved but helpless around women

Green Ranger (Joel Rawlings)

-   ace stunt pilot
-   smooth-talker, cocksure
-   wears a cowboy hat, loves country music
-   constantly pursues Miss Fairweather, finally gets date with her in finale
-   armed with green Mega Battle armor (dual buzzsaws)
Mega Battle

GoYellow (Tatsumi Daimon)

-   male in GoGo V
-   fourth-born Tatsumi child
-   21 years old
-   Capital Police Sergeant
-   mentally youngest sibling, not the brightest, but disciplined fighter
-   often left with brothers' house chores
-   loves children

Yellow Ranger (Kelsey Winslow)

-   female in Power Rangers
-   extreme athlete
-   impulsive, fearless, easily excitable
-   good friends with Chad
-   seemed fascinated with Nancy Cooper

GoPink (Tatsumi Matsuri)

-   youngest Tatsumi child
-   20 years old
-   belongs to National Seaside Hospital: ambulance driver and nurse
-   backed out when she and best friend fell in love with same doctor
-   often reminded brothers of mother's words; most determined to remember her, most stubborn to accept mother's apparent death

Pink Ranger (Dana Mitchell)

-   younger daughter of Captain Mitchell
-   trained paramedic, works at Lightspeed
-   recruits four Lightspeed Rangers before learning she has been selected as Pink
-   thought of Ryan frequently both before his return from the grave and after his departure for the desert

Demon Hunter Jiiku
Demon Hunter Jiiku
-   appeared in GoGo V movie
-   alien monster fighter, obsessed with defeating Golmois, murderer of his old team
-   dying in battle, passed power gem to Kyoko Hayase, who resembles old commanding officer Lilia
[Also Ryou in Dairanger.]

Titanium Ranger (Ryan Mitchell)

-   older son of Captain Mitchell
-   spirit plucked from car accident by Diabolico years ago as young boy
-   on 20th birthday, steals Titanium Morpher to become evil Titanium Ranger
-   suit similar in design to Turboranger
-   eventually remembers father trying to save him during accident, questions goodness in himself before aiding Rangers against Diabolico's three monsters
-   receives cobra curse from Diabolico, moving further up his neck with each morph until it will kill him; morphs nonetheless to help Rangers
-   eventually conquers curse in ancient tomb
-   leaves Rangers to search desert for clues to defeat Bansheera and demons
-   eventually obtains ancient book, gets help of Sorcerer of the Sands
-   keeps Golden Key after Bansheera is sealed in Shadow World
-   armed with Titanium Laser with two modes: axe, laser
Titanium Laser Titanium Axe

Dr. Tatsumi Mondo
Dr. Mondo
-   super-genius, inventor of GoGoV technology; also believes in magic
-   married Ritsuko in 1973
-   father of five Tatsumi siblings
-   in 1989, monitors buildup of negative energy, predicts invasion of Saima Clan, but not taken seriously
-   disappears next year to work on undersea base in preparation for Saima invasion
-   in 1999, returns to give power of GoGoV to Tatsumi siblings, reveals hidden base
-   serves as mentor to GoGoV

Captain William Mitchell
Captain Mitchell
-   father of Dana and Ryan Mitchell
-   founder of top secret Lightspeed organization, prepares for demons' escape some time after losing Ryan to Diabolico
-   serves as mentor to Lightspeed Rangers

Miss Angela Fairweather
Miss Fairweather
-   genius, inventor of Lightspeed technology
-   immerses herself in her work
-   teases would-be suitor Joel with wry sense of humor
-   very close with brother Clark, who helps develop Mega Battle armor

Ritsuko Tatsumi
Mrs. Tatsumi
-   married to Mondo, mother of five Tatsumi siblings
-   in 1992, left to search for missing husband, making children promise to watch after each other; daughter gave her ringing bell charm
-   Mrs. Tatsumi vanished in plane crash, spending eight years in a coma as unnamed victim
-   guided GoGoV out of Saima Hell in spirit form
-   awakens in finale

Mrs. Mitchell
-   mother of Ryan and Dana, died or vanished when children were very young
-   was known by Captain Mitchell's friend Earl, once looked similar to Dana

Kyoko Hayase
Kyoko Hayase
-   shuttle pilot, one of Shou's senior officers
-   brave, determined
-   aided by GoGoV during shuttle rescue, recognized Shou's voice and instantly recognized GoGoV
-   wanted to be a member of GoGoV (GoRed in particular)
-   helped design Max Shuttle
-   in movie, temporarily given Demon Hunter powers, later keeps fragment of shattered power gem
Demon Hunter Kyoko

Nancy Cooper
-   shuttle pilot with Mariner Bay space program
-   had her dog Dorsie saved in daring rescue by Kelsey
-   aided by Rangers during shuttle rescue, recognized Kelsey's voice
-   wanted to be a Power Ranger, but changed mind after seeing pressure of their job

Mr. Inui
-   rival/friend to Mondo
-   ends up in charge of Mondo's funding for GoGoV project
-   nearly cuts off funding, but two become good friends

General McKnight
General McKnight
-   old acquaintance of Captain Mitchell
-   general in charge of Lightspeed division; bears a red version of blue Lightspeed insignia
-   replaces Ranger teens with Cyborg Rangers, humbly reinstates Rangers when Cyborgs run amok
-   may have initiated Lifeforce Megazord project


Cyborg Rangers
Cyborg Rangers
-   robot replacements for Lightspeed Rangers, commissioned by General McKnight
-   go haywire when struck by lightning, destroyed by Rangers

Shouji Numata
Shouji Numata
-   robber and bus hijacker, saved by Matsuri
-   drives bus to safety when driver is injured
-   taken away by police (more gently when Matsuri explains his heroism), goes willingly to serve his time

Steve Harrison
Steve Harrison
-   robber and bus hijacker, saved by Dana
-   drives bus to safety when driver is injured
-   taken away by police (more gently when Dana explains his heroism), goes willingly to serve his time

Ittetsu Banta
Ittetsu Banta
-   former sensei of Daimon (GoYellow)
-   obsessed with drinking milk
-   teaches Saima monster until being attacked

Mr. Tamashiro
Mr. Tamashiro
-   former sensei of Chad (Blue Ranger)
-   ashamed of Chad's choice to abandon his training and become a Power Ranger
-   teaches demon monster until being attacked
-   eventually makes amends with Chad, visits Aquabase

-   child-like small robot
-   controls GoLiners from Bay Area 55


-   unnamed robot in Transport Bay, never active


-   mermaid daughter of ocean ruler King Neptune
-   falls in love with Chad

-   team up with GoGoV in crossover movie

Galaxy Rangers
Galaxy Rangers
-   existing team from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
-   help Lightspeed Rangers fight Trakeena and Triskull

-   Rescue Bike Command Attacker: GoRed's motorcycle (Fire Commander) and sidecar (Attacker Pod)
Command Attacker

-   Rescue Rover: yellow Lightspeed Hummer driven by unmorphed Ranger teens; equipped with inflatable landing pad
Rescue Rover
-   Lightspeed Cycles: five motorcycles for Lightspeed Rangers, designed to counter Vyprari
Lightspeed Cycles
-   Rescue Speeder: flying sidecar, attaches to red Lightspeed Cycle
Red Lightspeed Cycle and Rescue Speeder
-   Red Mobile Armored Vehicle: flying minijet/glider for Red Ranger
Red Mobile Armored Vehicle
-   Trans-Armor Cycle: new motorcycle for Red Ranger; transforms into armor suit
Trans-Armor Cycle Trans-Armor armor

Bay Area 55
Bay Area 55
-   secret undersea base built by Mondo, rises to launch GoLiners
-   headquarters of GoGoV
-   protected from Saima with magical symbols

Lightspeed Aquabase
-   initially secret undersea base built by Mitchell and Miss Fairweather
-   headquarters of Lightspeed
-   built underwater where demons are unable to reach

Train Bay
Train Bay
-   rises from Aquabase corner tower to launch Rail Rescues

Victory Robo
-   consists of 99Machines, launched from GoLiners
Blue Thrower + Yellow Armor + Pink Aider = Victory Walker
-   Blue Thrower + Yellow Armor + Pink Aider = Victory Walker (torsoless legs, sprays water)
Red Ladder + Blue Thrower + Green Hover + Yellow Armor + Pink Aider = Victory Robo
-   Red Ladder + Green Hover + Blue Thrower + Yellow Armor + Pink Aider = Victory Robo
-   armed with Ladder Bomber (extending punches), Bravor Sword (Victory Prominence)

Lightspeed Megazord
-   consists of Lightspeed Rescuezords, launched from Rail Rescues
Aqua Rescue 2 + HazRescue 4 + MedRescue 5 = walker formation
-   Aqua Rescue 2 + HazRescue 4 + MedRescue 5 = walker formation (torsoless legs, sprays water)
Pyro Rescue 1 + Aqua Rescue 2 + Aero Rescue 3 + HazRescue 4 + MedRescue 5 = Lightspeed Megazord
-   Pyro Rescue 1 + Aqua Rescue 2 + Aero Rescue 3 + HazRescue 4 + MedRescue 5 = Victory Robo
-   armed with Power Thrust (extending punches), Lightspeed Megazord Saber

Grand Liner
-   consists of five GoLiners, giant train cars which run on or off rails; combine into Grand Liner
GoLiners -> Grand Liner
-   has ten engines (with 99Machines inside)
-   16:11 height ratio with Victory Robo
-   armed with shoulder cannons (Grandfire blasts; ModeChange to hand covers for Grandstorm: Grand Homing Crash missiles, Grand Gatling Crash bullets)

Supertrain Megazord
-   consists of five Rail Rescues, giant train cars which run on or off rails; combine into Supertrain Megazord
Rail Rescues -> Supertrain Megazord
-   armed with Gatling Blaster shoulder/hand cannons (engine bullets, missiles, freeze missiles)

Max Shuttle
-   solar-powered shuttle, designed with help of Kyoko
-   launched from Area 55's Max Area
Max Shuttle -> Linerboy
-   Max Shuttle -> Linerboy
Victory Robo + Linerboy = Max Victory Robo
-   Victory Robo + Linerboy = Max Victory Robo
-   Max Victory Robo armed MaxGun wrist lasers, V-MaxCannons (Max Nova absorption/barrage)

Max Solarzord
-   solar-powered shuttle, piloted by Titanium Ranger or via Battle Booster for remote control
-   launched from side holding bay
Solarzord -> Solarzord
-   Max Solarzord shuttle mode -> robot mode
Lightspeed Megazord + Max Solarzord = Lightspeed Solarzord
-   Lightspeed Megazord + Max Solarzord = Lightspeed Solarzord
-   Lightspeed Solarzord armed wrist lasers, energy absorption/barrage

Mars Machines
-   five deep space vehicles, launched into space by Max Shuttle and GoLiners
-   consist of Red Mars 1 (armed with missiles for obstacle destruction), Blue Mars 2 (shoots hole-repairing adhesive bullets), Green Mars 3 (extremely maneuverable), Yellow Mars 4 (strong body to defend others), Pink Mars 5 (with medical treatment systems)
Mars Machines -> Beetle Mars -> Victory Mars
-   Red Mars 1 + Blue Mars 2 + Green Mars 3 + Yellow Mars 4 + Pink Mars 5 = Beetle Mars -> Victory Mars
-   Victory Mars armed with MarsRapid laser gun, JetLance (MarsFlare missile, lance blade slash)

-   five space vehicles, launched into space by Max Solarzord and Rail Rescues
Omegazords -> Omega Crawler -> Omega Megazord
-   Omegazord 1 + Omegazord 2 + Omegazord 3 + Omegazord 4 + Omegazord 5 = Omega Crawler -> Omega Megazord
-   Omega Megazord armed with laser cannon, staff (Omega Missile, lance blade slash)
-   hijacked by Jinxer in finale to place giant stones for eclipse ceremony

Big Douser
Big Douser
-   designed by Nagare, dispatched by Chemical Firefighter Brigade
-   designed to extinguish fires
-   possessed by Saiman, had to be destroyed


Sigma Project
Max Victory Robo Black Version
-   Max Victory Robo Black Version, powered by mental energy
-   defeats Beasts of Doom with GoGoV intensity powered by knowledge of mother's survival

Lifeforce Megazord
Lifeforce Megazord
-   black version of Lightspeed Solarzord, powered by Rangers' life forces
-   defeats supercharged Olympius and Diabolico
-   hijacked by Batlings in finale to destroy Aquabase

Saima Clan
-   siblings separated from mother Grandienne as babies
-   Zylpheeza, Kobolda, and soon Venus survived by helping each other
-   Drop sent to live with others; while they were busy preparing for invasion of Earth, Drop was left under care of Pierre
-   clan later joined by Grandienne
-   Saima Paradico: evil castle of Saima Clan; antenna of negative energy; located at peak of Saima Road
Saima Paradico
-   Imps: bat-like grunts in black
-   Saima Beasts: created by Pierre from Demon Cards; when made giant following demise, exist as giant ghosts to be destroyed by Victory Prominence
-   Golem Saima: monsters actually resurrected in advanced form by Grandienne's power, only destroyed by power of Grand Liner
-   Ghost Saima Beasts: dead Saima revived in Hell by Chaos; seek bodies to be reborn into
-   Infinity Chain: three monsters created from Infinity Chain Card merged with Salamandes's Saima cards; monsters mimic GoGoV attacks; include Galbarrier, Hagakuren, Lizardes

Bansheera's demons
-   minions of Queen Bansheera, unleashed from ancient tomb
-   prepare for Bansheera's return, seek to destroy Mariner Bay and restore once great palace
-   Skull Cavern: otherdimensional realm inside thunderclouds above Mariner Bay; houses skull castle
Skull Cavern
-   Batlings: bat-like grunts in black
-   Demon monsters: created by Jinxer from demon cards; enlarged by various booster cards to giant or titan size; when destroyed, spirits go to Shadow World like all other supernatural monsters

Grand Witch Grandienne
Grandienne spectral form
-   mother of Saima Clan, separated from children long ago
-   turns hopes to Drop after death of Zylpheeza
-   arrives in this dimension, but trapped halfway as Mondo interrupts spell
-   later banishes Salamandes to Hell, leaves to complete transfer into this dimension
-   transforms, sacrifices Kobolda and Zylpheeza as pawns
Grandienne final form
-   sends all her negative energy into resurrected Salamandes and Zylpheeza, possesses planet
-   loses all power with destruction of Beasts of Doom

Queen Bansheera
Bansheera spectral form
-   ruler of demons, defeated long ago
-   mother of Impus/Olympius
-   seeks to rebuild former palace and rule Earth
-   arrives in this dimension, but trapped halfway as Ryan interrupts spell
-   values palace scheme more than henchmen or own son
-   later begins transformation into true form, consumes Vypra for final energy boost
Bansheera final form
-   attempts to unleash monsters from Shadow World, trapped inside with help of Diabolico

Dark King Zylpheeza
-   first-born of Saima Clan
-   Demon of Aerial Calamity
-   supreme commander of Earth's invasion
-   killed by GoGoV, later resurrected by Venus's life-siphoning spider parasite
-   encourages Matoi to destroy Grandienne after being forced to kill Kobolda
-   turned into flames by Grandienne to destroy GoGoV
-   resurrected as Salamandes's slave; re-awakened by GoGoV but killed by Salamandes
-   resurrected as Zylpheeza II; destroyed by Max Victory Robo Black Version

-   second in command under Queen Bansheera, first recipient of Star Power
-   abducted Ryan Mitchell years ago, unleashes him against Lightspeed on his 20th birthday
-   curses Ryan with cobra tattoo when he defects to Rangers' side
-   destroyed by Rangers, later resurrected from tomb by Vypra
-   traps Olympius in Shadow World
-   rebels against Bansheera after being forced to kill Loki
-   defeated by Olympius, turned into slave by Bansheera; re-awakened by Rangers but destroyed by Olympius
-   resurrected for giant battle, destroyed by Lifeforce Megazord
-   in finale, helps Rangers imprison Bansheera in spirit form

Beast Baron Kobolda
-   second-born of Saima Clan
-   Demon of Ground Calamity
-   close to Zylpheeza
-   given Cobolt Bazooka as Grandienne's pawn; killed when Grandienne forces Zylpheeza to fire on him and GoGoV
-   dreamed of being first in mother's eyes, dies in Zylpheeza's arms

-   devoted warrior
-   close to Diabolico
-   gives Diabolico gift of spider pendant for his friendship throughout the millennia
-   used as Bansheera's pawn; killed when Bansheera forces Diabolico to fire on him and Rangers with own bazooka
-   dreamed of serving Bansheera faithfully, dies in Diabolico's arms

Evil Spirit Princess Venus
-   third-born of Saima Clan
-   Demon of Water Calamity
-   near finale, used spider parasite to siphon life force from Matoi to Zylpheeza, but plot thwarted
-   sacrificed own life force to resurrect Zylpheeza

-   treacherous warrior, dabbled in sorcery
-   drove silver Vyprari buggy
-   resurrected Diabolico from ancient tomb
-   near finale, absorbed by Queen Bansheera

Infant Demon Drop / Prince Salamandes
-   fourth-born of Saima Clan
-   Demon of Fire Calamity
-   soul wanders as young boy while in cocoon
-   hatches as Prince Salamandes
-   loses favor with Grandienne with failure of Infinity Chain monsters
-   using star gem inherited from Zylpheeza, tries to trap GoGoV in Hell, ends up banished to Hell by Grandienne when plot fails
-   escapes as Ghost King Salamandes but killed by GoGoV
-   later resurrected in finale, killed again; resurrected again as Salamandes Dragon but killed by Max Victory Robo Black Version

Impus / Prince Olympius
-   dragon son of Queen Bansheera
-   transforms in cocoon into Olympius after receiving Star Power
-   quickly loses favor with Bansheera
-   tries to trap Rangers in Shadow World, ends up trapped by Diabolico
-   escapes in stronger form but nearly killed by Rangers; slowly nursed back to health by Jinxer
-   fights Rangers near finale, destroyed; resurrected in dragon form but destroyed for good by Lifeforce Megazord

Spell Master Pierre
-   creates and enlarges Calamity Monsters using Demon Cards
-   caretaker of Drop/Salamandes
-   drains energy from orphanage to empower Salamandes

-   creates and enlarges demon monsters using demon cards
-   caretaker of Impus/Olympius
-   disguises self as Mr. Mesmer to hypnotize Captain Mitchell to redirect energy to Olympius
-   in finale, hijacks Omega Megazord to position giant stones for eclipse ceremony

Zoodo, Guuru, Jin
three warriors
-   three angel-like warriors unleashed by Zylpheeza
-   enjoy hunting prey, play games in which others don't interfere with single hunter's battle
-   once destroyed, Zylpheeza uses three gems to combine trio into Chimera

Demonite, Falkar, Thunderon
three warriors
-   three angel-like warriors unleashed by Diabolico
-   cocky, enjoy hunting Rangers
-   once destroyed, Diabolico uses three gems to combine trio into Troika

-   Saima gatekeeper of Hell
-   revives dead Saima beasts as Ghost Saima Beasts, controls them for Salamandes until staff is broken
-   dies protecting Ghost King Salamandes in giant form

-   gatekeeper of Shadow World
-   controls monster spirits for Olympius until staff is broken

Darkness King Gil
-   captures people in hotel, uses extracted blood to attempt to summon dark beast in Gogo V vs. Gingaman movie

-   demon-like villain from Mirinoi, allies with Trakeena to trick Olympius
-   captures people in office building, uses extracted life energy to attempt to transform Trakeena back into green form

Dark beast
Dark beast
-   monster unleashed by Gil in Gogo V vs. Gingaman movie

-   previous villainess from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
-   scarred by Galaxy Rangers, hides on Earth to plot revenge
-   allies with Triskull to collect energy
-   poisoned by Olympius, mutates into giant monster
Mutated Trakeena

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