Secret Task Force

-   first, longest sentai series

-   Black Cross sends five Mask Monsters to destroy Eagle's Japanese bases: Eagle Kanto Base (Golden Mask), Tohoku Base (Warrior Mask), Kyushu Base (Bronze Mask), Hokkaido Base (Jade Mask), and Osaka Base (Poison Gas Mask)
-   survivors reorganized under Commander Edogawa in Tokyo to form the Secret Task Force Goranger, armed with Goranger Suits that gave them superhuman abilities
-   Gorangers avenged their fallen comrades by defeating Black Cross's first five monsters and the others that followed

EAGLE (Earth Guard League)
-   international peacekeeping organization, defends world from Black Cross Army
-   Gorangers belong to Japan Block

-   Goranger Storm soccer-ball kicking technique (later Goranger Hurricane football-kicking technique)
-   balls often transform into whatever the Mask Monster is least fond of

Red Ranger (Kaijou Tsuyoshi)

-   leader; cool, calm tacician
-   skills: guns, whips, soccer/kicking, disguise
-   lost older brother in Kantou destruction

Blue Ranger (Shinmei Akira)

-   second in command; cool, capable decision-maker
-   wields Blue Cherry (later Ultra Blue Cherry) bow
-   skills: archery, mecha piloting
-   formerly a marksmanship instructor at Tohoku branch
[Also Big One in JAKQ, Miura in OhRanger.]

Yellow Ranger (Ooiwa Daita [1-54, 68-84])

-   strongest
-   used YTC radio, later acquired Keysticker pole
-   formerly engineering researcher at Kyushu branch
-   loves curry rice

Yellow Ranger (Kumano Daigorou [55-67])

-   replaced Ooiwa, who became the commander of the Kyushu branch for a time
-   fatally wounded in stomach by Can Opener Mask's Can Opener Cutter

Pink Ranger (Peggy Matsuyama)

-   explosives expert
-   armed with earring bombs, Pink Mirrors, Pink Cards
-   formerly a chemical analyst at Hokkaido branch
-   has a Swiss father and a Japanese mother

Green Ranger (Asuka Kenji)

-   youngest
-   armed with Greenmerang boomerangs
-   originally from Kansai branch
[Also first Battle Cossack in Battle Fever J.]

Commander Edogawa Kenpachi
-   commander of EAGLE's Japan Block, only direct commander of Goranger team
-   normally poses as the manager of Snack Gon

Agent 007 (Katou Youko)
-   EAGLE secret agent, waitress at Snack Gon
-   other agents include 008 (Hayashi Tomoko) and 009 (Nakamura Haruko)
-   younger brother (Katou Tarou) hangs out at Snack Gon, asking Ooiwa questions

Snack Gon
-   small restaurant, serves as the secret entrance to Goranger headquarters
-   destroyed in episode 44

-   Red, Blue, and Green Machines: motorcycles; Yellow and Pink ride in Blue and Green sidecards; armed with explosives to destroy Navarone Fortress in episode 54
Green/Red/Blue Machines
-   Red, Blue, and Green Stars: replace Red, Blue, and Green Machines
-   Variblune: flying fortress, propelled by helicopter blades under the craft; blown up by Iron Man Mask Temujin in episode 42
-   Varidreen: bird-like replacement for the Varibloon
-   Varitank: six-wheeled tank with claw arms; rolls out of the beak of Varidreen
-   Variccune: passenger-carrying balloon (episode 69, on)

Black Cross Army
-   army of cyborgs, seeks world conquest and extinction of the human race
-   Mask Monsters: monsters
-   Zolders: grunts in black
-   Battlers and Condlers: bat-winged fighter planes

Black Cross Fuehrer
Black Cross Fuehrer
-   mysterious leader, resembles a KKK member
-   revealed as Black Cross Castle himself

General Sunring Mask (15-20)
-   first general, from Africa

General Iron Mask Temujin (21-42)
-   second general, 'Demon of the Mongols' from Gobi Desert
-   died destroying Variblune

General Firemountain Mask Magman (42-54)
-   third general, from Ekra (sp?) volcano of Iceland

Great General Golden Mask (55-84)
Golden Mask (sticker)
-   final general, from Africa; resembles a pharaoh
-   personally resurrected by Black Cross Fuehrer
-   has own personal guards
-   into magic and astrology
-   turned into gold dust to reveal location of Goranger headquarters to Fuehrer (84)

Mobile Fortress Navarone (43-54)
-   Earthen pyramid, opens to reveal cannons, the "Guns of Navarone"
-   can burrow and rise anywhere

Black Cross Castle (64-84)
-   gigantic flying battleship shaped like a black cross with its bridge tower at its center

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