-   pronounced "Jacka"
-   tone lightened in episode 23 with introduction of comedic characters Big One and Hime Tamasaburou
-   first sentai to add a Ranger later

-   in order to stop Crime, ISSIS Commander Kujirai assembles young people to undergo operations that would transform them into superhuman cyborgs

International Science Special Investigation Squad
-   worldwide organization opposing organized crime and terrorism
-   based in New York
-   has bases worldwide, including one in Shinjuku, where JAKQ is headquartered
-   takes on whatever ordinary police cannot handle, such as Crime
-   Commander Robert: ISSIS New York headquarters head, approved Kujirai's cyborg project

JAKQ squad
JAKQ team
-   four surround monsters, injecting their four energies into it, kicking it away, and firing their energies at it to cause it to explode (JAKQ Covack technique)

Spade Ace (Sakurai Gorou)

-   leader; red, powered by atomic energy
-   wields Spade Arts bow and whip, fires deadly Spade Arts Atom (Multiple) Shot
Spade Arts Bow
-   has a gold medal in Olympic pentathlon
-   originally turned down membership in JAKQ for Olympics but changed his mind when saved by Karen Mizuki
-   develops a romance with Karen toward the end of the series

Dia Jack (Higashi Ryuu)

-   blue, powered by electricity
-   wields Electrisword
-   former junior welterweight boxer, turned down fixed matches and got involved with hustlers and a murder case in Las Vegas before returning to Japan
-   joined JAKQ after being arrested at the airport

Heart Queen (Karen Mizuki)

-   pink, powered by magnetism
-   wields Heartcute magnetic shield
Heartcute magnetic shield
-   originally a detective investigating narcotics routes
-   lost arms when the taxi with her and her father abroad was smashed by a truck
-   joined JAKQ to avenge her father and injury, reborn as cyborg with mechanical arms
-   half-American, half Japanese

Clover King (Daichi Bunta)

-   green, powered by gravity
-   wields Club Megaton detachable hand on a chain
Club Megaton hand
-   originally an oceanographer who died of oxygen deprivation in a submarine accident, revived as cyborg
-   lost family in an airplane accident five years earlier

Joker (Commander Kujirai Daisuke; 1-23, 35)
-   founded cyborg squad, left to become the head of engineering at ISSIS headquarters in episode 23 but returned in 35
-   has wife and daughter

Big One (Banba Soukichi; 23-35)
Big One
-   replacement for Joker
-   dressed in white, master of disguise
-   powered by all four forms of energy
-   can fly; wields a stick
-   loads Big Bomber cannon assembled by other team members (replaces JAKQ Covack as of 23)
Big Bomber
[Also Blue Ranger in GoRanger, Miura in OhRanger.]

ISSIS Agents 7 (Hayashi Keiko), 8 (Yamamoto Junko), 9 (Iijima Yoshiko), and 10 (unnamed)
-   female assistants of JAKQ

Hime Tamasaburou (23-35)
-   ISSIS member, poses as a cook in bathing wear on a bicycle
-   specializes in ramen, but can only make the instant kind

ISSIS Hamster
-   Kujirai's talking cyborg pet

Strengthening Capsules
-   JAKQ members enter these to henshin (aka Strengthening Boxes)
-   stored in detachable blue container in midsection of Sky Ace
-   showers members with their respective types of energy to trigger henshin
-   supposedly eight such capsules exist

-   Spade Machine: Spade Ace's modified Fiat X1/9
Spade Machine
-   Mach Dia: Dia Jack's Formula 2 race car
Mach Dia
-   Heart Buggy: Heart Queen's modified Morris Mini Moke
Heart Buggy
-   Auto Clover: Clover King's motorcycle
Auto Clover
-   Sky Ace: flying fortress piloted either by Ace or Jack
Sky Ace
-   Jack Tank: tank aboard Sky Ace; armed with twin cannon turret and mechanical arm
Jack Tank

-   international crime syndicate
-   Mechanical Monsters: early monsters
-   Crime Bosses: weekly human generals, oversee specific regions/operations
-   Crimers: grunts in grey and black, armed with Sten Mk 2s
-   Devil Sharks: fighter planes with disk-like wings
-   Crime Fortress Island: Crime headquarters

Shine (23-35)
-   alien from Shine Star, ruler of Crime

Iron Claw (1-35)
-   silver-robed Crime leader with enormous black hat
-   good at disguise, can transform into Warrior Iron Claw

Four Deva Kings Robo (movie)
-   combination of movie villains Iron Mask Baron (fought Kamen Rider V3), General Sahara (fought Gorangers), UFO Captain, Hell Boxer (fought Kikaider)

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