Birdman Task Force

-   first sentai with female commander
-   many parallels with Gatchaman in visual design, character design, etc.

-   Vyram begins invasion of Earth by destroying Skyforce's base Earth Ship; Ryuu's beloved, Aoi Rie, is sucked out in the chaos while Commander Odagiri flies Ryuu to safety
-   in the explosion, four civilians are struck by Birdonic Wave bolts which were intended to turn Skyforce officers into Jetmen as part of the J project
-   Ryuu and Odagiri locate the four and form the Jetmen
-   Ryuu now must fight Rie, who has become Maria of Vyram
-   the Dimensians give Jetmen the Jet Garuda before being killed
-   a parasitic starfish born from Radiguet's blood turns Maria into a vampiric creature
-   in human form, Rie (Maria) turns on Radiguet but is slain
-   as Ryuu duels Radiguet for revenge, the others rush to help; Grey blocks their path but is killed by Gai
-   Radiguet enlarges to monster Raguem and merges with mothership Vylock
-   Raguem cripples Titan Boy but finally falls to Birdonic Sabre of Great Icarus
-   three years later, on the wedding day of Ryuu and Kaori, Gai is fatally stabbed by a street thug, dies at the wedding

-   all wield Bird Blaster guns, Bringer Swords; both combine into Jet Hand Cannons; Bird Blasters later combine with Beak Smasher guns to form Smashbomber rifles
Bird Blaster and Bringer Sword Jet Hand Cannon Beak Smasher Smash Bomber
-   all armed with Wing Gauntlets, generate shockwaves of 150 G's
Wing Gauntlet
-   team attacks include Bird Bomber, Fire Bazooka (alternate form of Jet Striker buggy)

Red Hawk (Tendou Ryuu)

-   26 years old
-   originally a Skyforcer codenamed "W6"
-   became a Jetman by being showered with Birdonic Waves as a member of the J Project
-   leader with a strong sense of justice
-   beloved Aoi Rie becomes Vyram officer Maria
-   grandmother Tendou Kinuyo wants Ryuu to marry to continue the family (pickle?) business
-   marries Kaori three years after fall of Vyram
-   armed with Wing Punch

Black Condor (Yuuki Gai)

-   25 years old
-   loner, hates being ordered around
-   loves fighting but is really a nice guy
-   initially clashed with Ryuu but became friends in battle
-   interests include motorcycling, saxophone playing, gambling, and womanizing
-   cares for Kaori
-   murdered by a street thug three years after final battle with Vyram
-   armed with Condor Finish, Flying Kick, Condor/Owl Towering Attack

Yellow Owl (Ooishi Raita)

-   22 years old
-   nature lover, enjoys growing vegetables
-   hates Vyram for its destruction of nature
-   good at cooking; eats a lot, but very strong
-   raised by grandmother Ooishi Kiyo, as his parents were too busy
-   looks after Kaori
-   three years after final battle, runs a farm with childhood friend Satsuki
-   as Yellow Owl, specializes in head butt, body blows, throwing techniques, and sumo-based attacks; able to hurl boulders
-   armed with Rock Drop, Sure Kill Thrust, Condor/Owl Towering Attack

White Swan (Rokumeikan Kaori)

-   22 years old
-   rich girl, joined Jetman to escape boredom
-   taken care of by butler Jiiya, parents live in New York
-   good at kendo
-   later marries Ryuu
-   best shot of the Jetmen, initially dislikes mecha
-   armed with Swan Wing, Swannie Attack, Double Kick (with Yellow Owl)

Blue Swallow (Hayasaka Ako)

-   18-year-old senior at Miharakita High School
-   bright and cheery, wants to marry a rich man
-   first thought of Jetman as a part-time job paying 1500 yen an hour, but first battle awakened her sense of justice and honor
-   best friends with classmate Kyouko
-   debuts as an idol singer three years after final battle with Vyram

Commander Odagiri Aya ("Chokan")
Commander Odagiri
-   first female sentai commander of a sentai
-   proficient at martial arts, sometimes rough with Jetmen
-   inventor of mecha

Back Dimension Dimensians
-   Dan, Kanna, and Rei
-   last three warriors of Dimensia, a realm destroyed by Vyram
-   chase Vyram to Earth with Bird Garuda
-   Dan able to transform self into winged "birdman"
birdman Dan
-   all killed
[Dan also Dan in Zyuranger (different character, same name).]

Shadow Jetmen
Shadow Jetmen
-   evil cloned team created by Light Armorjiro, Viram monster
-   tended to vanish when not in direct sunlight

Neo Jetmen Neo Jetmen with commander
-   J1 through J5
-   created by Supreme Commander Ichijou to replace Jetmen
-   receive powers from Birdonic Reactors implanted in bodies
-   J1 armed with Neosword, J2 armed with Neostinger scythe, J4 armed with Neoslicer boomerang
-   all wield Neoshooter guns and Neomine grenades
-   group attack is Flarebuster twin cannon
-   eventually gave Birdonic energies to Jetmen when Jetmen couldn't henshin

-   Jet Striker: Red's buggy, transforms into Fire Bazooka
Jet Striker
-   Jet Vancer: Yellow and White's Toyota 4WD
-   Jet Speeders: Black and Blue's motorcycles

Jet Icarus
Jet Hawk + Jet Condor + Jet Owl + Jet Swallow + Jet Swan = Icarus Haken
-   Jet Hawk (Red) + Jet Condor (Black) + Jet Owl (Yellow) + Jet Swallow (Blue) + Jet Swan (White) = Icarus Haken
-   combined jet armed with Haken Buster, Jet Phoenix
-   top speed of mach 15
Jet Hawk + Jet Condor + Jet Owl + Jet Swallow + Jet Swan = Jet Icarus
-   Jet Hawk (Red) + Jet Condor (Black) + Jet Owl (Yellow) + Jet Swallow (Blue) + Jet Swan (White) = Jet Icarus
-   armed with Birdonic Sabre, Shot Puncher, Icarus Axe, Icarus Puncher, Icarus Magna, Jet Lancer, Jet Dagger, Wing Shield

Jet Garuda
-   mecha brought by Dimensians
Bird Garuda -> Jet Garuda
-   Bird Garuda -> Jet Garuda
-   armed with Garuda Burst, Garuda Searcher, Garuda Claw, Garudo Vulcans, Dia Blizzard, Garudo Beam

Great Icarus
Jet Icarus + Jet Garuda = Great Icarus
-   Jet Icarus + Jet Garuda = Great Icarus
-   armed with Bird Maser, Great Beam

Hyper Haken
Icarus Haken + Bird Garuda = Hyper Haken
-   Icarus Haken + Bird Garuda = Hyper Haken
-   can approach light speed, capable of interplanetary flight?
-   armed with Hyper Buster, Hyper G Attack

Tetraboy -> Tetrabuster
-   Tetraboy -> Tetrabuster cannon
-   armed with Tetra Punch, Tetra Kick

-   Skyforce's high-tech pyramid-shaped base for Jetmen, launches mecha

Dimensional Battle Party Vyram
-   conquered Back Dimension, now moving on to Front Dimension, ours
-   four leaders compete to defeat Jetmen and earn leadership
-   Dimensional Beasts: monsters, result from combination of Dimensional Bug parasites and Earth objects
Dimensional Bug
-   Bio Dimension Beasts: later monsters; created using Bio Dimension Bugs, which combine Terran animal genes with Terran weapons/objects
Bio Dimension Bug
-   Grinam Soldiers: black-skinned grunts born from Grinam Seeds
-   Vylock: brain-shaped castle capable of traversing dimensions

Emperor Tranza
-   9-year-old telekinetic Tran, later grows into Emperor Tranza
Tran Tranza
-   as Tranza, builds giant robot Veronica
-   defeated by Radiguet, eventually rendered a mindless shell in an insane asylum
[ Tranza also Doctor Kempu in Liveman. ]

Count Radiguet
-   cold-hearted officer, will do anything to defeat enemy
-   when enraged, turns into monstrous Radigan
-   absorbs Veronica's energy to power himself up
-   defeats Tranza to become Vyram's leader
-   in finale, becomes giant monster Raguem, capable of merging with Vylock base
-   armed with Bloody Gate sword
-   murderer of Dimensian Dan and Aoi Rie

-   formerly Aoi Rie / Skyforcer W3, 22 years old
-   armed with Necrod, which has three modes: electromagnetic whip, sword, and beam gun
-   turned into vampire by Radiguet
-   killed by Radiguet when she turns on him in human form
Maria in vampire form Aoi Rie

-   robot who is almost human; loves wine, music, and cigarettes
-   armed with Grey Cannon
-   loves Maria's music and protects her
-   dies in duel with Gai

Empress Juuza
-   previous Empress of Vyram, Radiguet once her underling
-   awakens after long sleep and comes to Earth in a meteorite
-   turns humans into pillars of crystal so she can feed off their suffering
-   transforms into Demon Beast Juuza
Demon Beast Juuza
-   killed by Radiguet, but her surviving pod later becomes Semimaru

Demon Beast Semimaru
-   spawn of Juuza
-   ultimate beast of destruction, bat-winged red insectoid

Demon Gods Mu, Ramon, and Gorg
-   natural enemies of humanity, awoke from long sleep
-   Mu disintegrated by Ramon/Gorg after defeat by Jetmen
-   Ramon and Gorg feed off humans transformed into pineapples
-   Ramon and Gorg merged into a single being by Radiguet's ploy
Mu Ramon and Gorg Ramon and Gorg fused

-   giant robot created by Tranza, drains life force from human captives

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