Ninja Task Force

-   first team to appear in crossover movie (vs. Ohranger)
Mighty Morphin'
Season 3

-   premiere replaces events shown in MMPR: The Movie (1995)
-   only series with mini-arc with its own title (Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers)

-   400 years ago, Kakuranger's ancestors battled Youkai apparation army until sealing them away in cave
-   in modern day, ninja descendants Sasuke and Saizou are tricked into releasing Youkai
-   Sasuke and Saizou locate descendants Tsuruhime, Jiraiya, and Seikai
-   using Doron Changers given to them by the spirits of their ancestors, the five henshin into Kakurangers to fight Youkai
-   Jiraiya infiltrates Youkai base posing as Kakurangers' foe, steals four scrolls to allow them to call Kyodai Jusho
-   in finale, Kakurangers trap Youkai behind magical doors once again, locking seal with Doron Changers

-   continuation from MMPR season 2
-   Rita's brother Rito arrives, destroys Power Rangers' Thunderzords and Dino coins
-   Ranger teens seek out legendary Ninjor, receive new Ninjazords and coins
-   after numerous battles, Rita unleashes double agent Kat
-   Rita and Zedd discover lost Shogunzords, Kat steals Pink Power Coin, Ninjor, and Falconzord to power them
-   exhausted from power drain, Kimberly is injured, but Kat rushes to her aid
-   Kimberly moves away to train for gymnastics, gives coin to Kat
-   Rita's father Master Vile arrives, seeks Zeo Crystal hidden from him on moon by M51 monks millennia ago
-   Rangers scatter Zeo Subcrystals through spacetime
-   Master Vile turns back time, leaving Rangers as children
-   Aquitian Rangers arrive to defend Earth, Master Vile returns to home galaxy
-   Ranger kids retrieve Zeo Subcrystals
-   in finale, Aisha sends Tanya back in her place, Command Center is destroyed


Power Rangers
Power Rangers
-   existing team from MMPR season 2
-   humans attuned to Ninja power, also tap new Ninja Power Coins to morph into traditional Power Ranger suits using standard Power Morphers
-   all use communicators in morphed and unmorphed forms: microwave transceivers, also allow Rangers to teleport
-   each armed with Blade Blaster
Blade Blaster


Red Ranger (Rocky DeSantos)

-   existing Red Ranger from MMPR season 2
-   high school student, martial arts instructor
-   easygoing, fun-loving; has comedically large appetite
-   Ninja animal: Ape
-   goes to Mexico in search of Blue Zeo Subcrystal near finale


Black Ranger (Adam Park)

-   existing Black Ranger from MMPR season 2
-   high school student, martial arts instructor
-   shy, curious
-   Ninja animal: Frog
-   goes to Korea in search of Green Zeo Subcrystal near finale


Blue Ranger (Billy Cranston)

-   existing Blue Ranger from MMPR season 2
-   high school student, genius inventor
-   cool, collected
-   Ninja animal: Wolf
-   near finale, re-ages self and serves as mentor to Ranger kids


Yellow Ranger (Aisha Campbell)

-   existing Yellow Ranger from MMPR season 2
-   high school student, veterinary assistant
-   bubbly, friendly
-   Ninja animal: Bear
-   goes to Africa in search of Yellow Zeo Subcrystal; stays to help animals, sends Tanya in her place in finale


Pink Ranger (Kimberly Hart)

-   existing Pink Ranger from MMPR season 2
-   high school student, gymnast
-   outgoing, popular
-   girlfriend of Tommy
-   Ninja animal: Crane
-   moves in with Aisha when mom moves to France
-   trains for Pan Global Games, later moves to Florida for training


White Ranger (Tommy Oliver)

-   existing White Ranger from MMPR season 2
-   good-humored, self-sacrificing
-   Ninja animal: Falcon
-   armed with talking Saba sword
-   goes to Native American reservation in search of Red Zeo Subcrystal near finale

Kakuranger ninjas
-   all wield Kakuremaru Secret swords (five katanas passed down by ancestors, later transformed into current form with Doron Changers), shuriken, Kaku Laser with two modes: gun or knife
Kakuremaru Secret swords Shuriken Kaku Laser
-   all wield Shinobi Knuckles, each with own special weapon attachment (as well as grappling hooks and other attachments)
Shinobi Knuckles
-   group attacks include Thunder Light Destruction (five-sword blast), Kakure Shoot (using Kakuranger Ball, powered football passed between members before kicking), Kakure Tower, Art of Invisibility
Kakuranger Ball

Ninja Rangers
Ninjetti mask Ninja Rangers
-   ninja-clothed fighting forms of Ranger teens
-   linking of Ninja coins to teens' life forces allows connection to mystical Ninja essence/animals
-   intermediate transformation step featured Ninjetti masks from MMPR: The Movie
-   Ninja tricks include superspeed sliding, earthswimming, temporary self-replication, temporary enlargement, decoy suit, limited energy projection

Aquitian Rangers
Aquitian Rangers
-   a.k.a. Alien Rangers, water-dwelling beings from planet Aquitar
-   all wield katanas, also laser pistols with two modes: gun or knife
Aquitian katanas Aquitian laser pistol
-   all wield knuckle weapons (only Red seen)
Red knuckle
-   group attacks include Aquitar Ranger Blast (five-sword blast)

Ninja Red (Sasuke)

-   named after Kouga ninja Sarutobi Sasuke of Shinshuu (leader of Ten Braves of Sanada)
-   reckless, impetuous leader; often takes on many enemies alone
-   able to generate duplicates from own hair
-   symbol: circle
-   armed with Red Slicer (shield/disc attachment), Fire Shogun Sword, Thunderclap Sword Hikarimaru

-   techniques include Kakure Style Full Moon Cut, Fire Whirl Art, Thunderclap Cut, Bunshin technique (self-replication from own hair), Jet transformation, fire extinguisher transformation

Red Aquitian Ranger (Aurico)

-   team leader in combat
-   enjoys media attention on Earth
-   symbol: circle

Ninja White (Tsuruhime)

-   named after Shodai Tsuruhime
-   brains of the team
-   seeks missing father (actually Hakumenrou)
-   once a member of Sailor Moon-like Punishment Sisters
-   symbol: left-pointing arrowhead
-   armed with White Beak (blade attachment)
-   techniques include Kakure Style "Ku" Character Cut, Flower Snowstorm, Folding Crane Transformation, Paper Control Art

White Aquitian Ranger (Delphine)

-   female, formal leader of Aquitian Rangers
-   calm, persistent, caring
-   symbol: left-pointing arrowhead

Ninja Yellow (Seikai)

-   named after Miyoshi Seikai (strongest of Sanada Ten Braves)
-   loves food, sleep, women, and video games
-   has unusual strength
-   symbol: triangle
-   armed with Yellow Claw (claw attachment)
-   techniques include Kakure Style Triangle Cut, Echo Art, Leaf Hiding Art (hiding in trees), temporary enlargement

Yellow Aquitian Ranger (Tideus)

-   good-humored
-   symbol: triangle
-   armed with triangle slash attack

Ninja Blue (Saizou)

-   named after Kirigakure Saizou (second best of Sanada Ten Braves and rival of original Sasuke)
-   chattering, egotistical, self-centered
-   symbol: square
-   armed with Blue Shot (water gun attachment)
-   techniques include Kakure Style Square Formation, Wolf Attack, Water-Crossing Art, Truck Transformation, Water Tower Art

Blue Aquitian Ranger (Cestro)

-   team inventor, works with Billy
-   symbol: square

Ninja Black (Jiraiya)

-   named after Jiraiya (virtuous bandit who used magic to control a giant toad to seek vengeance for the fall of his clan)
-   Japanese-American ninja from Los Angeles
-   speaks English phrases frequently, struggles in Japanese society; loves Japanese ninja movies
-   police officer father was killed years ago by Gali in an agreement with a Youkai to save daughter who had been killed in a car accident
-   Gali taught Jiraiya the way of ninja in atonement; Jiraiya learns truth in present and kills Gali in combat
-   symbol: pentagon
-   armed with Black Bow (crossbow attachment)
-   techniques include Kakure Style Shooting Star, Rock Crusher Transformation, Earth Hiding Art

Black Aquitian Ranger (Corcus)

-   quiet, hot-tempered
-   symbol: pentagon

-   Nekomaru: living yellow cat-based van; mobile base / soda stand for Kakurangers

-   Shark Bridder: red Shark Machine motorcycle for Ninja Red; launches off Launcher/Slider ramp for Triple Shark Driver attack

-   Shark Launcher: yellow Shark Machine bike with sidecar for Ninja Black

-   Shark Slider: blue Shark Machine bike with sidecar for Ninja White

-   Shark Cycles: Power Rangers' motorcycles, created from fossilized shark fins; White, Red, Black, and Blue based on Shark Bridder from Kakuranger; Pink and Yellow based on Shark Launcher from Kakuranger

Muteki Shogun
-   first of Three God Generals to be awakened
-   Kakurangers transform into five Giant Beast Generals using Maki Mono scrolls obtained from Youkai
-   Giant Beast Generals include Red Saruder (armed with Saruder Slicer shield), White Kark (armed with twin Kark Beak daggers), Yellow Kumardo (armed with Kumardo Claw), Blue Logan (armed with Logan Shaft staff), Black Gammer (armed with Gammer Bow); group attacks include Vacuum Hurricane, Big Bang
Giant Beast Generals -> Muteki Shogun
-   Red Saruder + White Kark + Yellow Kumardo + Blue Logan + Black Gammer = Metuki Shogun
-   hibernates as Wind Illusion Castle
Wind Illusion Castle
-   inside castle, stone altar of Three God Generals speaks to Kakurangers as mentors
God General altar
-   Metuki Shogun armed with Flaming Shogun Sword (also used in human size), Shougun Flower Spray

Shogun Megazord
-   consists of ancient dormant Shogunzords, discovered in modern day by Finster
-   powered using kidnapped Ninjor and stolen Falconzord technology but soon commandeered by Power Rangers
-   Shogunzords include Red Shogunzord (armed with shield), White Shogunzord (armed with twin daggers), Yellow Shogunzord (armed with claw), Blue Shogunzord (armed with staff), Black Shogunzord (armed with archer's bow); group attacks include energy cyclone
Giant Beast Generals -> Muteki Shogun
-   Megazord may resmble Ninjor's Temple of Power
-   armed with Fire Saber, flower petal projection
-   piloted in cockpits by Power Rangers, later used by Aquitian Rangers, who could physically merge with Shogunzords

Command Center
Command Center Command Center
-   existing headquarters from MMPR season 2
-   Zordon's secret base in California desert
-   destroyed in finale by Master Vile's implosion device

Beast General Fighters
Beast General Fighters
-   lightly armored battle versions of Giant Beast Generals, called when Giant Beast Generals need help or are unavailable
-   summoned using coins from Doron Changers
-   includes Battle Saruder (attacks with Saruder Claw, quick slash to face), Battle Kark (attacks with Kark Cut, two-handed slice to chest), Battle Kumardo (attacks with Kumardo Head, headbutt), Battle Logan (attacks with Logan Kicker, flying double kick), Battle Gammer (attacks with Gammer Three Attack, combination)
-   team attacks include Fighter Crash and the Super Kakure Shoot (giant Kakuranger Ball)

Battle Borgs
Battle Borgs
-   lightly armored battle versions of Shogunzords, given to Aquitian Rangers by Ninjor over 1,000 years ago
-   summoned from Aquitar using Aquitian Power Coins
-   controlled remotely via telepathy
-   include Red Battle Borg, White Battle Borg, Yellow Battle Borg, Blue Battle Borg, Black Battle Borg
-   team attacks include Red Battle Borg fire dive

Kakure Dai Shogun
-   last of Three God Generals to be awakened
-   Kakurangers obtain five Super Ninja Beasts after obtaining Shinobi Scrolls
-   Super Ninja Beasts include God Saruder (monkey, armed with connecting Saruder Double Swords), God Kark (crane, armed with Flying Beam attack), God Kumardo (bear, armed with eye beams and stomp), God Logan (wolf, armed with eyebeams and Logan Attack tail slash), God Gammer (toad, armed with God Fire breath and Gammer Dynamite mini-Gammer attack)
God Saruder + God Kark + God Kumardo + God Logan + God Gammer = Kakure Dai Shogun
-   God Saruder + God Kark + God Kumardo + God Logan + God Gammer = Kakure Dai Shogun (Hidden Great General)
-   armed with God Burst Chop (left wolf hand), God Hammer Punch (right monkey hand), God Finish (both)

-   first Zords given to Earth Rangers by Ninjor to accompany Ninja coins
-   Ninjazords include Ape (armed with connecting double swords), Crane (armed with lasers), Bear (armed with eye beams and stomp), Wolf (armed with eyebeams and tail slash), Frog (armed with fire breath and mini-Frog attack), and Falcon (see below)
Ape + Crane + Bear + Wolf + Frog = Ninja Megazord
-   Ape + Crane + Bear + Wolf + Frog = Ninja Megazord
-   armed with wolf punch, ape punch, Power Punch (both)

-   giant mystical bird; does not talk
-   second of Three God Generals to be awakened
-   flies down from sun
-   shoots energy from eight wingtip cannons
Muteki Shogun + Tsubasamaru = Super Muteki Shogun
-   Tsubasamaru + Muteki Shougun = Super Muteki Shougun
-   Super Muteki Shogun armed with eight Muteki Cannons
Kakure Dai Shogun + Tsubasamaru = Super Kakure Dai Shogun
-   Tsubasamaru + Kakure Dai Shogun = Super Kakure Dai Shogun
-   Super Kakura Dai Shogun armed with Flying Kick, Flying Finish

-   White Ranger's Ninjazord, issued with other Ninjazords
-   shoots energy from eight wingtip cannons
-   key to Ninjazords and Shogunzords, temporarily captured by Kat as live caged bird
Shogun Megazord + Falconzord = Shogun Megafalconzord
-   Falconzord + Shogun Megazord = Shogun Megafalconzord
-   Shogun Megafalconzord armed with eight cannons
Ninja Megazord + Falconzord = Ninja Megafalconzord
-   Falconzord + Ninja Megazord = Ninja Megafalconzord
-   Ninja Megafalconzord armed with flying kick, flying Power Punch


-   existing Zord from MMPR season 1
-   converted by Alpha Five to link with Ninja/Shogunzords
Ninja Megafalconzord + Titanus = Ninja Ultrazord
-   Ninja Megafalconzord + Titanus = Ninja Ultrazord
Shogun Megafalconzord + Titanus = Shogun Ultrazord
-   Shogun Megafalconzord + Titanus = Shogun Ultrazord
-   both Ultrazords fire energy barrage

Momochi Sandayu
Momochi Sandayu
-   legendary ninja dispatcher, hired such famous ninjas as original Sasuke
-   in modern day instructed Kakurangers on new powers, techniques
-   rode on a cloud, had many magical powers
-   gave Kakurangers Nekomaru, Hikarimaru
-   killed by Juniya

-   existing mentor from MMPR season 2
-   legendary ancient sage, communicates with this dimension using plasma tube in Command Center


Alpha Five
Alpha Five
-   existing helper from MMPR season 2
-   faithful robot assistant to Zordon, operates Command Center
-   created by Edenoi's King Lexian


Masked Rider (Prince Dex)
Masked Rider
-   insect-themed freedom fighter on planet Edenoi
-   assisted by Rangers in pre-premiere spinoff miniseries introducing Masked Rider series (based on Kamen Rider)

Punishment Sisters
Punishment Sisters
-   once composed of Yukiyo, Tsukiyo, and current Ninja White Tsuruhime
-   Sailor Moon-like trio, fought for justice with phrase, "In the name of heaven, we will punish you!"
-   armed with red clubs (Yukiyo), blue ribbon (Tsukiyo), pink ball (Tsuruhime)

Bulk and Skull
Bulk and Skull
-   existing characters from MMPR season 2
-   former punks, now bumbling Junior Police officers under guidance of Lt. Stone
-   occasionally aid Rangers

-   pupil of Three God Generals, sealed in blue bottle and hurled into space by Daimaou 1,000 years ago
-   bottle returned as war between Ninja and Youkai resumed
-   found by Kakurangers, bottle was broken only by Tsuruhime, releasing Ninjaman
-   rides Kinto Cloud
-   armed with Ninja Sword, Samurai Javelin, Samurai Attacking Bomber technique
-   able to grow to giant size; angrily transforms into Samuraiman in "Explosion of Anger" when insulted

-   takes place of Dulcea from MMPR: The Movie
-   legendary ancient warrior, creator of various Power Coins; gave Battle Borgs to Aquitian Rangers over a millennium ago
-   lives in bottle in Temple of Power, accessed from Desert of Despair on Rita's planetoid (see MMPR season 1)
-   initially rude, soon gives Earth Rangers new Ninjazords and coins
-   rides on flying cloud
-   armed with sword, javelin, energy ball
-   able to grow to giant size; angrily transforms into battle mode when provoked
Ninjor battle mode

-   Tsuruhime's father
-   battled Kakurangers repeatedly before being discovered as spy in Youkai ranks
-   temporarily turned to stone by Daimaou

Mrs. Hart
Mrs. Hart
-   Kimberly's mother, moves to France with painter fiance

Youkai Gundan (Bewitching Apparition Army)
-   sealed away 400 years ago by Kakurangers' ancestors
-   now in modern times, Youkai monsters have changed to keep up with the times, such as chariot monster now being a taxi monster
-   most have monster and human form; also have magical powers
-   when defeated, absorb lightning made of human despair and misery to grow to giant size
-   Dorodoros: grunts in blue tights with twisted faces
-   Skeleton Castle: giant flying skull base of Daimaou
Skeleton Castle

Rita and Zedd's forces
-   existing villains from MMPR season 2
-   enlarged by combined energy bolts from Rita and Zedd's staves
-   Tenga Warriors: cawing black bird creatures with gray chest armor, hatched from eggs brought by Rito
-   Moon palace: alien moonbase corrupted long ago by Lord Zedd
Moon palace
-   Space Skull: giant flying skull base of Master Vile
Space Skull

-   boss of Youkai 400 years ago
-   defeated by Kakurangers' ancestors

-   monster briefly sent to distract Rangers while Kat ambushed Kimberly

Daimaou (Great Demon King)
-   1,200 years old
-   current leader of Youkai
-   first ruled from floating Skull Island, later moved into flying Skeleton Castle shaped like his head
-   in finale, imprisoned in chamber like former Youkai leader

Master Vile
Master Vile
-   likely well over 20,000 years old
-   father of Rita and Rito
-   rules home galaxy of M51, comes near end of series to check up on daughter, takes over briefly
-   uses Orb of Doom to turn back time
-   retreats to M51 in frustration when General Longnose is destroyed by Aquitian Rangers


Lord Zedd
Lord Zedd
-   existing villain from MMPR season 2
-   accidentally exposed to love potion antidote (see MMPR season 2), but still loves Rita
-   has staff broken for a while in battle with White Ranger
-   crestfallen when Master Vile takes over


Rita Repulsa
-   existing villainess from MMPR season 2
-   no longer plots to overthrow Zedd
-   unleashes Kat as double agent

Gasha Skull
Gasha Skull
-   son of Daimaou
-   prince of Youkai, was leader until return of Daimaou
-   can change into human punk-rocker Juniya
-   created Hana Ninjas

Rito Revolto
Gasha Skull
-   brother of Rita Repulsa, son of Master Vile
-   comes to see Rita upon hearing of wedding, brings Tenga eggs as wedding present
-   bumbling, simpleminded, likes mischief
-   calls Zedd "Ed"


-   existing henchman from MMPR season 2
-   bumbling oaf, unamused with Rito

Yugami Hagase
-   a.k.a. Professor Warp
-   Youkai scientist, created replicas of Youkai monsters from kidnapped children for Tengu
-   moved out and served Juniya following Tengu and replicas' defeat
-   specialized in making mechanical weapons and armor for Youkai

-   existing henchman from MMPR season 2
-   occasionally creates monsters for Zedd and Rita


Squatt and Baboo
Squatt Baboo
-   existing henchmen from MMPR season 2

Yamanba, Daidarabotchi
Yamanba Daidarabotchi
-   Daimaou's younger sister and brother, arrive to help Daimaou near finale
-   disguise selves as kind elderly people in attempt to trick Kakurangers

Dischordia, [N/A]
-   villainess of unknown origin, used by Master Vile
-   puts Rangers under spell by singing
-   flirts with Zedd

Hana Ninjas
Hana Ninjas Hana Ninjas Yuri Suiren Ayame Sakura Ran
-   all-female group of counter-Kakurangers
-   consist of Yuri (lily, orange), Suiren (water lotus, green), Ayame (sweet flag, blue), Sakura (cherry blossom, pink), Ran (orchid, purple)
-   created by Gasha Skull from five cats
-   cruel, skilled ninjas armed with Ninja Magic, capable of disguise
-   henshin from ninja outfits to Ranger-like suits

Pink Ranger (Kat Hillard)
Kat Kat monster
-   new student from Australia
-   put under powerful spell by Rita, able to turn into cat; briefly assumes monster form
-   adopted as "P.C." by Kimberly and Aisha in cat form, spies on Rangers
-   secretly steals Pink Power Coin
-   breaks evil spell to help injured Kimberly, later given Pink Coin
-   Ninja animal: Crane
-   goes to Australian Outback in search of Pink Zeo Subcrystal near finale

-   fox monster sent by Youkai

-   long-nosed general
-   kidnapped children to become dead Youkai monster armada

General Longnose
General Longnose
-   long-nosed general, conquers worlds for Master Vile
-   leads monster armada, but quickly destroyed

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