Super Task Force

-   first sentai animal mecha
-   first two-piece Morphers

-   three of Academia's three best students, Tsukikage, Senda, and Omura, are captured by Bias, and Yano Takuji and Aikawa Mari are killed in the attack
-   two years later, during the destruction of Academia by Volt, the surviving students Yuusuke, Jou, and Megumi discover the three captives lived as Doctors Kempu, Mazenda, and Obular
-   as Liveman, Yuusuke, Jou, and Megumi must fight their former friends
-   later, they are joined by Tetsuya and Jun'ichi, younger brothers of Takuji and Mari

-   school for scientists, located on Academia Island

Dr. Hoshi
Dr. Hoshi
-   principal of Academia, made Liveman mecha before dying

-   each armed with Liblasters which have two modes: gun or sword
Liblaster Liblaster sword mode
-   team attacks include Triple Bazooka (formed from Falcon Sword, Dolphin Arrow, and Lion Bazooka), Bimotion Buster
Triple Bazooka Bimotion Buster

Red Falcon (Amamiya Yuusuke)

-   poor student at Academia, but strong leader
-   armed with Falcon Sword, Falcon Sabre
Falcon Sword Falcon Sabre?

Yellow Lion (Oohara Jou)

-   at the bottom of the class at Academia
-   sportsman and skateboarder
-   armed with Lion Bazooka, Lion Punch, Skateboard Attack
Lion Bazooka Lion Punch

Blue Dolphin (Misaki Megumi)

-   a top student at Academia
-   friends with Yuusuke and Jou, did powered suit research with them and the late Yano Takuji and Aikawa Mari
-   good at swimming
-   armed with Dolphin Arrow
Dolphin Arrow

Black Bison (Yano Tetsuya)

-   younger brother of Takuji
-   boxer
-   armed with Bison Rod
Bison Rod

Green Rhino (Aikawa Jun'ichi)

-   younger brother of Mari
-   rugby player
-   armed with RhinoCutters

-   Motofalcon, Motodolphin, Motolion: motorcycles for original trio
Motolion, Motofalcon, Motodolphin
-   Livecougar: 4WD truck for entire team
-   Machine Buffalo: last of the standard flying fortresses, launches mecha components
Machine Buffalo

-   female robot built by Dr. Hoshi, assists team
-   in charge of the Gran Tortoise

Jet Falcon + Land Lion + Aqua Dolphin = Liverobo
-   Jet Falcon + Land Lion + Aqua Dolphin = Liverobo
-   armed with Super Beast Sword (Super Live Crash), Liverobo Beam, Double Cannons

Live Boxer
Bison Liner + Rhino Fire = Live Boxer
-   Bison Liner + Rhino Fire = Live Boxer
-   armed with Miracle Big Blow

Super Liverobo
Liverobo + Live Boxer = Super Liverobo
-   Liverobo + Liveboxer = Super Liverobo
-   armed with Super Big Burst

Gran Tortoise
Gran Tortoise
-   Liveman secret headquarters resembling a turtle
-   rises from the sea

Armed Brain Army Volt
-   believing most of humanity to be inferior, Volt intends to create a new world ruled only by superior beings
-   values only brain matter, not life
-   Brain Beasts: monsters born out of a mixture of "Kaos," the fiery remnants of life in wastelands, and brain cores
-   Jinmers: green-skinned android soldiers with mohawks
-   Brainbase: orbiting space station headquarters of Volt

Great Professor Bias
-   leader of Volt, believes in no one but himself
-   controls his trio of officers with the allure of evil science
-   looks down upon Earth and inhabitants with contempt

Doctor Kempu
Doctor Kempu
-   formerly Tsukikata Kenji, Yuusuke's rival at Academia
-   becomes Beauty Beast Kempu (1-35), Fearbeast Kempu (36-46)
[ Doctor Kempu also Emperor Tranza in Jetman. ]

Doctor Mazenda
Doctor Mazenda
-   formerly Senda Rui, Megumi's rival at Academia
-   becomes Machine Mazenda (38-47), Robo Mazenda (47)

Doctor Obular (1-21)
-   formerly Omura Gou, Jou's rival at Academia
-   inferiority complex leads him to become Obular monster
Obular monster
-   eventually quits Volt

Doctor Ashura
Doctor Ashura
-   formerly Busujima Arashi, underworld figure
-   became super genius after receiving evil education from Bias
-   gained ability to "Cyber Body Split" and generate trio known as Shurer Three
Shurer Three

Guardnoid Gash
Guardnoid Gash
-   Bias' robot bodyguard, wields Gigaphantom monster-enlarging cannon

Gildos of Gild
-   robot secretly built by Bias to spur on three doctors

Butchy of Chibuchi
-   orange piglike robot secretly built by Bias to spur on three doctors

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