Light Task Force

-   first five-piece sentai robo
-   first sixth Ranger (one episode)

-   Tube sends Princess Ial as "Mio" to spy on surface world, but she and Takeru fall in love
-   Tube kidnaps Mio, imprisons her in ice
-   Takeru becomes Red Mask of Maskmen, a group of martial artists who use their Aura Power under Commander Sugata's direction to defeat the Tube

-   all wield Laser Magnums with two modes: gun or sword
Laser Magnum Laser Magnum sword mode?
-   group weapons include Shot Bomber (early), Jet Cannon (later)
Shot Bomber Jet Cannon Jet Cannon

Red Mask (Takeru)

-   23-year-old formula 1 racer and karate expert
-   armed with Masky Blade, Laser Arrow
Masky Blade?

Black Mask (Kenta)

-   21-year-old kung fu expert
-   armed with Masky Rod
Masky Rod

Blue Mask (Akira)

-   16-year-old Chinese boxing and broadsword expert
-   armed with Masky Tonfas
Masky Tonfas

Yellow Mask (Haruka)

-   19-year-old ninja
-   armed with Mask Rotor yoyos, Shadow Split Bodies.
Masky Rotor yoyo

Pink Mask (Momoko)

-   19-year-old tai chi chuan expert
-   armed with Masky Ribbon
Masky Ribbon

X1 Mask (Asuka Ryoo)
X1 Mask
-   prototype Maskman in green, in one episode only
-   early precursor to later sixth member concept

Commander Sugata Sanjuurou
Commander Sugata
-   scientist and martial artist who founded the team

-   Spin Cruiser: Red's modified Formula 1 car, now a buggy
Spin Cruiser
-   Mask Loaders: motorcycles for Black through Pink
Mask Loaders
-   Turbo Ranger: flying fortress carrying the five components of Great Five
Turbo Ranger

Great Five
Masky Fighter + Masky Drill + Masky Tank + Masky Jet + Masky Gyro = Great Five
-   Masky Fighter (Red) + Drill (Black) + Tank (Blue) + Jet (Yellow) + Gyro (Pink) = Great Five
-   first five-piece sentai robo
-   armed with Photon Lizer Sword (Final Aura Burst), Gyro Cutters, Great Gun

Land Galaxy
Land Galaxy -> Masky Fighter
-   Land Galaxy -> Galaxy Robo
-   armed with Iron Fist Aura Galaxy, Galaxy Drill, Galaxy Anchor, Galaxy Bazooka

Underground Empire Tube
-   once a peaceful underground empire, corrupted by usurper Zehba, who now intends to rule surface world
-   Angler Soldiers: black-skinned grunts with brown vines growing down from their heads
Angler Soldier
-   Earth Empire Beasts: monsters; underground creatures released from a freezing cave; many are composed of Dogler beasts plus parasites
-   Angramon Fighters: fighter planes, untie into centipede-like monster, Angramon Snake
-   Earth Imperial Castle: tube headquarters, rises to Earth's surface in finale
Earth Imperial Castle

Earth Emperor Zehba
Earth Emperor Zehba
-   hates all human beings
-   secretly the child of Lethal Dogler monster slain by original Tube royal family

Prince Igam
Prince Igam
-   true heir to throne
-   woman raised as a man, ends up a nun after reforming

Princess Ial/Mio
Princess Ial
-   Igam's twin, falls in love with Takeru

Commander Baraba
Commander Baraba
-   swordsman of Baluga Tribe

Earth Imperial Ninja Oyobur
-   red-skinned, pointy-eared ninja of Buyon Tribe

Earth Imperial Ninja Fuumin
-   female ninja of Fu Tribe, serves Prince Igam

-   elderly, overweight beast who knows all

Thief Knight Kiros (27-49)
-   equestrian who loves Ial
-   armed with knife and sickle, uses Crescent Screw attack

-   insectoid, fires a monster enlarging beam

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