Super Task Force

-   takes place in 1999

-   takes place in 1996/97
-   first annually-changing Power Rangers series
-   first technology-based series

-   600 million years ago in Pangaea, Ancient Mankind created rebel robot Bacchus Wrath, who was banished by Riki
-   in modern day, Baranoia empire attacks
-   Chief Councilor Miura of U.A.O.H. uses five pieces of ancient stone tablet to rediscover "superpower" and technology used by Ancient Mankind
-   Miura builds base, pyramid to generate Tetrahedron power which powers five UA officers as Ohrangers
-   Riki later returns from suspended animation to aid Rangers
-   Gunmazin unleashed by Buldont
-   Bacchus Wrath dies in battle with OhBlocker, Bomber the Great takes over Baranoia
-   Buldont grows into Kaiser Buldont, Bomber defeated
-   Baranoia conquers Earth, Dorin killed; Riki sends Ohrangers to Dorin's planet in King Pyramider to regain powers
-   U.A.O.H., humans, and restored Ohrangers recapture Earth from Baranoia; Dorin revived

-   continuation from MMPR season 3/MMAR
-   millennia ago, monks from M51 galaxy hid Zeo Crystal from Master Vile on moon (see MMPR season 3)
-   as Rangers restore time with Zeo Crystal, Machine Empire invades Earth, making Rita and Zedd flee to M51
-   Zeo Crystal rebuilds destroyed Command Center, Zordon gives Rangers new Zeo powers and technology
Zeo Crystal
-   Tommy learns of long-lost brother David, two protect magical arrowhead; meanwhile, Red Battlezord is temporarily Earth's only protection from Machine Empire
-   David kidnapped, arrowhead stolen, but Tommy retrieves both
-   Gold Ranger arrives from Triforia to aid Rangers, passes powers to Jason when injured
-   King Mondo destroyed in battle with Super Zeo Megazord, Rita and Zedd send Louie Kaboom to take over Machine Empire
-   Prince Gasket and Archerina arrive, Louie defeated
-   Tommy temporarily brainwashed by Prince Gasket
-   Mondo returns
-   Billy begins aging, moves to Aquitar
-   in finale, Jason returns waning powers to Trey of Triforia; Rita and Zedd destroy Machine Empire

U.A.O.H. hangar
-   United Airforce Overtech Hardware, run by Chief Councilor Miura
-   base located in Japan's Southern Alps where remnants of lost civilization were found

Power Chamber
Power Chamber Power Chamber
-   rebuilt by Zeo Crystal from wreckage of Command Center (see MMPR season 3/MMAR)
-   Zordon's secret base in California desert
-   Zeozord Holding Bay elsewhere in mountains stores Zords
U.A.O.H. hangar

-   don OH suits with Power Braces
-   use "superpower," collected energies of Earth, to boost abilities 30 to 40 times
-   all but Ohred receive powers in second episode
-   all have energized flipping attacks
-   all armed with Battle Sticks and King Blasters which combine into King Smashers; King Smasher can combine with invididual weapons to form Big Bang Buster
Battle Stick King Blaster King Smasher Big Bang Buster
-   group attacks include Battle Stick Hurricane, OhreBazooka (into which five power cells are inserted), combined flying energy attack (Chouriki Dynamite Attack)

Zeo Rangers
-   use Zeonizers to morph with power of Zeo Crystal
-   all use communicators in morphed and unmorphed forms: microwave transceivers, also allow Rangers to teleport
-   all have energized flipping attacks
-   all armed with Zeo Laser Pistols and swords which combine into advanced Zeo Laser Pistols; advanced Zeo Laser Pistol can combine with invididual weapons to form Zeo Blaster
Zeo sword Zeo Laser Pistol advanced Zeo Laser Pistol Zeo Blaster
-   group attacks include Zeo Cannon (into which five power cells are inserted), combined flying energy attack
Zeo Cannon

Ohred (Hoshino Gorou)

-   ace pilot, uses karate
-   symbol: star
-   fights solo in first episode
-   armed with Star Riser sword, Super Power Riser attack

Zeo Ranger Five (Tommy Oliver)

-   previously White Ranger in MMPR season 3
-   high school student, karate instructor
-   capable, experienced
-   symbol: star
-   discovers brother David at Native American reservation, two protect magical arrowhead
-   armed with Zeo Five Power Sword, Zeo Flying Power Kick

Ohgreen (Yotsukaichi Shouhei)

-   second in command, uses boxing
-   symbol: square
-   armed with Square Crusher axes, Lightning Light Super Power Crusher attack, Mirage Knuckles attack

Zeo Ranger Four (Adam Park)

-   previously Black Ranger in MMPR season 3
-   high school student
-   friendly, level-headed
-   adapts various techniques (including boxing) for his own martial arts style
-   symbol: square
-   armed with Zeo Four Power Weapons (hatchets), Zeo Power Punch, multi-punches

Ohblue (Mita Yuuji)

-   swift, uses leaping attacks
-   symbol: triangle
-   armed with Delta Tonfas, Super Power Slide Attack, Rolling Jump attack

Zeo Ranger Three (Rocky DeSantos)

-   previously Red Ranger in MMPR season 3
-   high school student, karate instructor
-   easygoing, complacent; has comedically large appetite
-   symbol: triangle
-   armed with Zeo Three Power Weapons (arm blades), flying attack

Ohyellow (Nijou Juri)

-   uses martial arts researched in America
-   symbol: equals sign
-   armed with Twin Baton nunchucks, Super Baton Attack, Big Wheel Throw attack

Zeo Ranger Two (Tanya Sloan)

-   teenaged orphan selected by former Yellow Ranger Aisha
-   now a high school student, baseball player
-   genuine, devoted
-   symbol: double bars
-   later rescues lost explorer parents from Mysterio Island
-   armed with Zeo Two Power Weapons (nunchucks), Zeo Two Power Kick

Ohpink (Maruo Momo)

-   uses Chinese boxing
-   symbol: circle
-   armed with Circle Defenser Shield, Lightning Flash Miracle Qigong Shots, Vacuum Throw attack

Zeo Ranger One (Kat Hillard)

-   previously Pink Ranger in MMPR season 3
-   kind, self-sacrificing
-   has secret crush on Tommy after Kimberly's breakup letter, dates him by finale; two will be married in future
-   symbol: circle
-   armed with Zeo One Power Disc, Pink Fire Cloud

Kingranger (Riki)

-   legendary child hero, chased Bacchus Wrath from Earth 600 million years ago
-   symbol: "ou" (king)
-   protector of Dorin
-   armed with King Stick (King Victory Flash technique)
King Stick

Gold Ranger (Trey)

-   lord of planet Triforia, travels cosmos helping those in need
-   shot down in Pyramidas over Aquitar by Varox, splits into trifold form: Trey of Courage (blue), Trey of Wisdom (green), Trey of Heart (red)
-   passes powers to Tommy's selection, Jason
-   gives Rangers Super Zeozords, Warrior Wheel
-   armed with Golden Power Staff (superspeed, Gold Rush energy blasts)
Golden Power Staff
-   reunified by triplanetary beam bounced off Triforia and Aquitar in finale, regains powers from Jason

Gold Ranger (Jason Lee)

-   previously Red Ranger in MMPR season 2
-   returns from Switzerland to accept powers from Trey
-   protective, sincere
-   eventually unable to contain Golden energies, returns powers to reunified Trey in finale

-   a mystery creature in the shape of a girl, protected by Riki
-   has pet lizard Paku
-   dies, revived in finale

-   turned from life of crime by Jason, now works at Juice Bar
-   helps Gold Ranger Jason on occasion, likely knows his identity

Chief Councilor Miura
-   team commander
[Also Blue Ranger in GoRanger, Big One in JAKQ.]

-   existing mentor from MMPR season 3
-   legendary ancient sage, communicates with this dimension using plasma tube in Power Chamber


Alpha Five
Alpha Five
-   existing helper from MMPR season 3
-   faithful robot assistant to Zordon, operates Power Chamber


Billy Cranston
-   previously Blue Ranger in MMPR season 3
-   serves as technical advisor in Power Chamber, helps design Zords and weapons
-   briefly visits Aquitar to resolve Hydro Contaminator invasion, uses Aquitian technology to design telepathic Red Battlezord
-   mysteriously absent whenever Gold Ranger Trey is in action
-   later visits Triforia to try to help reunify injured Trey
-   soon begins aging rapidly from MMAR re-aging device, travels to Aquitar for treatment
-   stays to live with Aquitian romantic interest Cestria

-   team up with Ohrangers in crossover movie

Aquitian Rangers
Aquitian Rangers
-   existing alien team from MMAR
-   seek Billy's help against Hydro Contaminators
-   later help Zeo Rangers fight monsters from Machine Empire and Rita and Zedd near finale


Bulk and Skull
Bulk and Skull
-   existing characters from MMPR season 3
-   bumbling Junior Police officers, later become private detectives working for Lt. Stone
-   let amnesic Rito and Goldar live with them in exchange for cleaning services

-   Thunderwing fighter planes: air force jets piloted by OH members
-   Jetter Machines: five motorcycles for Ohrangers
Jetter Machines
-   Giant Roller: orange structure dropped from Skyphoenix, launches giant tire in which Ohred rides
Giant Roller

-   Zeo Jet Cycles: five motorcycles for Zeo Rangers; destroyed in explosion near finale
Zeo Jet Cycles
-   Defender Wheel: orange structure dropped from Zeozord 5, launches giant tire in which Zeo Ranger One rides
Defender Wheel

-   equipped with five helmets, one for each of five components (Cannon, Vulcan, Graviton, Horn, and default Wing)
Cannon helmet Vulcan helmet Graviton helmet Horn helmet Wing helmet
Skyphoenix + Grantaurus + Dash Leon + Dogu Lander + Moa Loader = Ohrangerrobo
-   Skyphoenix + Grantaurus + Dash Leon + Dogu Lander + Moa Loader = Ohrangerrobo
-   armed with Super Power Moa Cannon (Cannon), Super Power Jump Crash (Cannon?), Dogu Sky Kick (Vulcan), Super Power Dogu Vulcan (Vulcan), Leon Punch (Graviton), Super Power Leon Beam (Graviton), Super Power Taurus Thunder (Horn), Super Crown Sword (Wing), Crown Final Crash (Wing), Super Power Crown Sword Shoot (Wing), Super Power Crown Spark Shield (Wing)

Zeo Megazord
-   equipped with five helmets, one for each of five components (Cannon, Rocket, Pyramid, Gravity, and default Warrior)
Zeo 1 Battle Helmet Zeo 2 Battle Helmet Zeo 3 Battle Helmet Zeo 4 Battle Helmet Zeo 5 Battle Helmet
Zeozord 5 + Zeozord 4 + Zeozord 3 + Zeozord 2 + Zeozord 1 = Zeo Megazord
-   Zeozord 5 + Zeozord 4 + Zeozord 3 + Zeozord 2 + Zeozord 1 = Zeo Megazord
-   armed with cannon (Cannon), energy cyclone (Cannon), flying kick (Rocket), rockets (Rocket), lift beam (Pyramid), head butt (Gravity), horn bolts (Gravity), Zeo Megazord Saber (Warrior)

Red Puncher
-   boxing robot
-   went wild two years ago, killing original pilot; buried under landslide
-   reactivated by Ohred in present
Ohrangerrobo + Red Puncher = Buster Ohrangerrobo
-   Ohrangerrobo + Red Puncher = Buster Ohrrangerrobo
-   armed with Magna Puncher, Puncher Gatling as Red Puncher
-   armed with Big Cannon Burst as Buster Ohrrangerrobo

Red Battlezord
-   boxing robot
-   designed by Billy, controlled telepathically by Tommy
-   goes wild without user concentration
Zeo Megazord + Red Battlezord = Zeo Megabattlezord
-   Zeo Megazord + Red Battlezord = Zeo Megabattlezord
-   armed with punches, wrist beams, flying spiral as Red Battlezord
-   armed with shoulder blasts as Zeo Megabattlezord

King Pyramider
-   Riki's traveling pyramid
-   transforms from Pyramid to Carrier form
Ohrangerrobo + Red Puncher + King Pyramider = King Pyramider Battle Formation
-   Ohrangerrobo + Red Puncher + King Pyramider = King Pyramider Battle Formation
-   Ohblocker can take place of Ohrangerrobo in Battle Formation
-   Battle Formation fires Super Legend Beam barrage

-   Gold Ranger's traveling pyramid
-   transforms from Pyramid to Carrier form
Zeo Megazord + Red Battlezord + Pyramidas = Zeo Ultrazord
-   Zeo Megazord + Red Battlezord + Pyramidas = Zeo Ultrazord
-   Super Zeo Megazord can take place of Zeo Megazord in Zeo Ultrazord
-   Zeo Ultrazord fires energy barrage

-   second set of mecha, all robots
-   consists of Red Blocker (armed with Star Head Attack, Red Star Fire), Green Blocker (armed with Green Body Tackle, Green Enclose Net), Blue Blocker (armed with Blue Drop Kick, Blue Freezing Storm), Yellow Blocker (armed with Yellow Spinning Kick, Yellow Lightning Flash), Pink Blocker (armed withPink Skyline Chopper, Pink Impact Wave)
-   five Blockers combine into Ohblocker
Blockers -> Ohblocker
-   armed with Twin Blocken Swords, Twin Blocken Crash

Super Zeo Megazord
-   activated with Trey's gift of long-lost Super Zeo Gems to Zeo Rangers
-   consists of Super Zeozord 5 (armed with giant Zeo Five Power Sword), Super Zeozord 4, Super Zeozord 3 (armed with giant arm blades, giant advanced Zeo Laser Pistol), Super Zeozord 2 (armed with chest blast), Super Zeozord 1 (armed with chest blast)
-   five Super Zeozords combine into Super Zeo Megazord
Super Zeozords -> Super Zeo Megazord
-   armed with combining Super Zeo Megazord Sabers

-   unpiloted black robot shaped like football player
-   transforms into tire which Ohblocker hurls in Dynamite Tackle technique
Tackleboy -> Dynamite Tackle

Warrior Wheel
-   unpiloted black robot shaped like football player
-   sent from Triforia to aid Rangers while Pyramidas is under repair
-   transforms into tire which Super Zeo Megazord hurls
Warrior Wheel -> Warrior Wheel

-   legendary wish-giver
-   normally a small stone head, unlocked with key
Gunmazin -> Gunmazin
-   turns into human-sized or giant warrior
-   armed with Majin Sabre (Majin One Sword Style)

Auric the Conqueror
-   legendary warrior sought by Tanya's explorer parents on Mysterio Island
-   normally a small stone tiki, unlocked with key lost by Tanya's parents, sent to Tanya by Aisha
Auric -> Auric's tiki
-   turns into human-sized or giant warrior, armed with broadsword
-   grandiose, narrates own victories

Machine Empire Baranoia
-   intend to replace life on Earth with machines
-   Machine Beasts: robotic monsters with "Bara-" name prefix
-   Barlo Soldiers: silver- or gray-skinned robotic grunts with golden heads
-   Takompas: copper-colored planes piloted by Barlo Soldiers, transform into octopus-like walking tanks

Machine Empire
-   intend to strip Earth for raw materials to complete intergalactic empire
-   blown up on moon's surface by bomb from Rita and Zedd in finale
-   Robot monsters: robotic monsters, later coated with Neo-Plutonium armor
-   Cogs: silver- or brown-skinned robotic grunts with golden heads
-   Quadrafighters: copper-colored planes piloted by Cogs, transform into octopus-like walking tanks

Emperor Bacchus Wrath
Bacchus Wrath
-   original ruler of Baranoia with bad temper
-   later killed by Ohblocker

King Mondo
King Mondo
-   ruler of Machine Empire with bad temper toward all but Machina and Sprocket
-   eventually unearths Damocles Sword but destroyed by Super Zeo Megazord
-   later returns to reclaim empire from disowned son Prince Gasket

Empress Hysteria
-   hysterical wife of Bacchus Wrath
-   blows herself up in finale to save grandchild

Queen Machina
Queen Machina
-   calculating, haughty wife of King Mondo
-   cares for both sons

Prince Buldont
-   child strategist, son of Bacchus Wrath and Hysteria
-   rebuilt into Kaiser Buldont after Bacchus Wrath dies, takes over Baranoia from Bomber the Great
Kaiser Buldont
-   killed alongside wife/cousin Maruchiwa in battle

Prince Sprocket
-   younger son of King Mondo
-   whiny, manipulative

Prince Gasket
-   first-built son of King Mondo
-   eloped with Archerina centuries ago, disowned by Mondo
-   returns when Mondo is destroyed, takes over Machine Empire from Louie Kaboom
-   flees galaxy with Archerina when Mondo returns

Acha and Kocha
Acha and Kocha
-   servants, follow whomever is currently in charge
-   Acha swings Kocha around and throws him at fallen Machine Beasts, Kocha injects Machine Beast with energy to grow

Klank and Orbus
Klank and Orbus
-   servants, follow whomever is currently in charge
-   Klank swings Orbus around and throws him at fallen robot monsters, Orbus injects robot with energy to grow
-   after finale, go on to live with Gunmajin and son of Buldont/Maruchiwa

-   human-looking field commander, rules Machine Beasts with whip
-   transforms into giant monster with huge breasts and thighs


Bomber the Great
Bomber the Great
-   walking bomb, once tried to take over Baranoia
-   now returns following death of Bacchus Wrath, sends Prince Buldont into space on a missile
-   overthrown by Kaiser Buldont
-   thrown into space by Gunmajin, explodes

Louie Kaboom
Louie Kaboom
-   remote-controlled walking bomb sent by Rita and Zedd to rule Machine Empire following destruction of King Mondo
-   rewires self, becomes independent
-   destroyed fighting Zeo Rangers under Archerina's love spell

Princess Maruchiwa
-   Hysteria's niece, marries Kaiser Buldont
-   couple later has a son who eventually lives with Acha, Kocha, and Gunmazin
-   killed alongside Kaiser Buldont in battle

-   daughter of King Mondo's mortal enemy King Aradon, eloped with Gasket centuries ago
-   flees galaxy with Gasket when Mondo returns


Rita and Zedd
Rita and Zedd
-   existing villains from MMPR season 3/MMAR
-   forced to flee moon from Machine Empire, later return in lunar mobile home with plans of conquest
-   blow up Machine Empire with explosive present in finale

Bara Vanish
Bara Vanish
-   monster unleashed by Baranoia, can turn invisible

Hydro Contaminators
Hydro Contaminator
-   hostile alien race, invade and pollute Aquitar
-   expelled peacefully by Billy

Bara Ivy
Bara Ivy
-   cyborg form of evil genius (?)

-   fleet of intergalactic robot bounty hunters
-   apparently hired by Rita to hunt down Gold Ranger


Rito and Goldar
Rito Goldar
-   existing villains from MMPR season 3/MMAR
-   left with amnesia from attempted theft of Zeo Crystal in MMAR finale, come to live with Bulk and Skull
-   later regain memories when summoned by scheming Rita and Zedd

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