Solar Task Force

-   only sentai to pick up after previous series
-   first combining sentai robo
-   first Rangers with animal themes
-   only series with change in team leader

-   machine empire Black Magma causes the EPDS to establish the Solar Task Force at a summit
-   from EPDS's air force, navy, and rangers, Commander Arashiyama assembles three specialists to become Sunvulcan
-   during training, Black Magma attacks EPDS base, but Sunvulcan debut in time to save it
-   Hellsaturn prays to Black Solar God and is rewarded with revived Queen Hedrian (see Denjiman), now a cyborg with a mechanical heart
-   following the death of Zeroone, Amazon Killer, a Vader, arrives from space, destroying the Sunvulcan base, and a new one is built
-   original Vuleagle replaced by a friend
-   team defends psychic descendant of the Denzi (see Denjiman), the nun Himiko, from Black Magma
-   Lightning Galaxer shows up, turns into giant Lightning Monger
-   trio and commander go to North Pole to rescue Arashiyama Miki, defeat Omnipotent Demon (see Denjiman), the true leader of Black Magma, by feigning surrender and then striking

Earth Peace Defense Squad (a.k.a. Guardians of World Peace):

Vulcan team
Vulcan team
-   defeat monsters with Vulcan Ball (soccer ball-shaped), the New Vulcan Balls (football-shaped), and combined Vulcan Sticks
New Vulcan Balls
-   other team attacks include Sky Jetter, Scram Hurricane, Solar Kicks, and Vulcan Shoot

Vuleagle (Oowashi Ryuusuke; 1-23)

-   EPDS air force officer
-   left to pursue space shuttle research for NASA
-   Special moves: Eagle Wings, Eagle Diving, Eagle Fire

Vuleagle (Hiba Takayuki; 23-50)

-   colleague of Oowashi
-   master of kendo
-   Special moves: Hiba Return sword technique, Secret Sword Style Cross Cut
[Also NinjaWhite's father in Kakuranger.]

Vulshark (Samejima Kinya)

-   EPDS naval officer
-   Special moves: Shark Washer, Shark Diving, Shark Rolling, Shark Jaws

Vulpanther (Hyou Asao)

-   EPDS army officer
-   Special moves: Panther Galaxy, Panther Claw, Panther Bomber, Panther Mole, Rolling Panther, Panther Throw

Commander Arashiyama
Commander Arashiyama
-   commander of EPDS
-   expert at robotics, designer of team's mecha
-   has daughter Arashiyama Miki

-   Sandvulcan: Vuleagle's jeep
-   Sharkmachine: Vulshark's bike
-   Panthermachine: Vulpanther's bike
-   Jaguar Vulcan: flying fortress; jaws open to launch components of Sunvulcanrobo
Jaguar Vulcan

Cosmo Vulcan + Bullvulcan? = Sunvulcanrobo
-   Cosmo Vulcan (Vuleagle) + Bullvulcan (Vulshark and Vulpanther) = Sunvulcanrobo
-   first combining sentai robo
-   armed with Solar Sword (Aurora Plasma Return), Vulshield, Vultonfa, Vulhand, Vulcansun, Vulcan Cannons

Machine Empire Black Magma
-   worships Black Solar God
-   intends for its Mechahumans rule the world
-   Machine Life Forms/Mega Mongers: monsters; combinations of life forms and machine elements; created by a monster-making machine; have enlarging devices built into them
-   Machinemen: grunts in black with red insignia of Black Magma on their faces
-   Iron Claw Castle: North Pole headquarters
Iron Claw Castle

Fuehrer Hellsaturn
Fuehrer Hellsaturn
-   mechahuman leader of Black Magma, draped in black
-   revealed as underling of ODK (see Denjiman)

Queen Hedrian (5-50)
Queen Hedrian
-   revived from North Pole (see Denjiman)
[Also Hedrian in Denjiman, Bandora in Zyuranger.]

Omnipotent Demon
Omnipotent Demon? (?)
-   revealed as master of Black Magma (see Denjiman)

Amazon Killer (23-50)
Amazon Killer
-   Vader field officer who came from space

Lightning Galaxer (45-49)
Lightning Galaxer? (?)
-   space pirate known as the 'Invincible Electric Man of the Galaxy'
-   sought by the Galactic Police
-   ends up turning into Lightning Monger

Dark Q
Dark Q
-   shapeshifting spy robot

Zero Girls (Zeroone through Zerofour)
Zero Girls
-   female spies

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