High Speed Task Force

-   first sentai without flying fortress
-   very reminiscent of MMPR season 1

-   20,000 years ago, the Faerie race fought against the Violent Demon Tribes and sealed them away
-   now due to modern day pollution, the power of Faerie magic has weakened, allowing the seal to be undone and the Tribes to go free
-   with Dr. Dazai, Seelon, the last of the Faeries, summoned five high school seniors who were showered with the "flames of spirit" of the fallen Faeries in a forest as children, now allowing them to hear Seelon's summons
-   donning powered suits, the product of a collaboration between Seelon's magic and Dr. Dazai's science, the five become the Turborangers to fight the Tribes

Turbo Rangers
-   each wields Turbolaser with two modes: gun and sword
-   team attacks include Combination Attack, Plasma Shoot, V Turbo Bazooka

Red Turbo (Honoo Riki)

-   brave high school baseball team captain
-   armed with GT Sword, combines with Turbolaser sword mode for GT Crash move

Black Turbo (Yamagata Daichi)

-   patient, enjoys running
-   armed with T Hammer

Blue Turbo (Hama Youhei)

-   swimmer and high jumper
-   armed with J Gun, can combine with Turbolaser gun mode

Yellow Turbo (Hino Shunsuke)

-   comedic gymnast
-   armed with B Bowgun

Pink Turbo (Morikawa Haruna)

-   student body president and brightest student in the school

-   Mach Turbos: motorcycle for each Ranger, numbered 01 through 05
Mach Turbo 02? Mach Turbo 03? Mach Turbo 04? Mach Turbo 05?
-   Turboattacker: Red's buggy vehicle
Turbo Attacker

Yamaguchi Sensei
-   third year teacher and homeroom class of the Turborangers

Dr. Dazai
Dr. Dazai? (?)
-   scientist who invented Turborangers' mecha

Seelon the Faerie
Seelon the Faerie
-   18 cm tall, last surviving Faerie
-   can only be seen with the naked eye by the Turborangers
-   teamed with Dr. Dazai to stop the Tribes

-   white-maned, winged holy beast defender of Earth

Turbo GT + Turbo Truck + Turbo Jeep + Turbo Buggy + Turbo Wagon = Turborobo
-   Turbo GT (Red) + Truck (Black) + Jeep (Blue) + Buggy (Yellow) + Wagon (Pink) = Turborobo
-   armed with High Speed Sword, Turbo Crash, Turbon Cannons, Turbo Punch

Rugger Fighter -> Turborugger
-   Ruggerfighter -> Turborugger
-   armed with Battleball, Screw Rugger Kick, Big Rugger Guns

Super Turbo Robo
Turborobo + Turborugger = Super Turbo Robo
-   Turborobo + Turborugger = Super Turbo Robo
-   fires Super Mirage Beam

-   Turborangers' base, launches mecha
Turbobuilder + Super Turbo Robo = Turbobuilder robot mode
-   Turbobuilder + Super Turbo Robo = Turbobuilder robot mode
-   fires Super Turbo Builder Beam

Violent Demon Hundred Tribes
-   lost to human-Faerie coalition 20,000 years ago
-   now free due to pollution's weakening of Faerie magic
-   intend to conquer Earth and eliminate humanity
-   Violent Demon Beasts: hideous monsters
-   Wulars: black-skinned grunts able to merge into ball-shaped Wular Dumplings

Great Emperor Ragorn
Emperor Ragorn
-   initially immobile; dies but returns as gold-skinned mobile Neo Ragorn
Neo Regorn
-   grows giant in finale
Giant Emperor Ragorn

Dr. Rehda
Dr. Rehda
-   bearded genius mystic

-   samurai-like masked warrior in black armor

Princess Jarmin
Princess Jarmin
-   magician able to change herself into snake-faced form

-   fat creature able to turn into golf cart-like vehicle for Jarmin

Wu and Lar
-   red-skinned captains of the Wulars

Yamimaru, the Wandering Violent-Demon
-   plots the downfall of Ragorn wth Kirika
-   changes into student Nagareboshi Hikaru
-   originally shaggy-haired, later gains flashy red and black armor
-   armed with Shooting Star Gun, Darkknife, Darkaxe, Darkbow, Shooting Star Sword, Darksticks, Darkspear, Darkshuriken, Darkspider
-   rides the giant bat Dragras

-   half-human, half Violent-Demon
-   changes into student Tsukikage Sayoko
-   armed with five-pointed Ringknife
-   can combine with Armor Violent-Demon to become Armored Kirika

-   somehow responsible for enlarging Violent Demon Beasts

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