Dinosaur Task Force

-   first series adapted for Power Rangers
-   first regular sixth Ranger
Mighty Morphin'
Season 1

-   first series of Power Rangers

-   170 million years ago, dinosaurs and humans co-existed, the humans worshipping five Beast Protectors
-   her son Kai killed by a dinosaur, Bandora sold her soul to Great Satan and wiped out the dinosaurs
-   Beast Protectors imprisoned Bandora and her henchmen in a magical canister on the planet Nemesis; the Zyurangers are placed in suspended animation and protected by Barza, should Bandora return
-   in modern day, astronauts explore the approaching Nemesis but accidentally free Bandora
-   Barza awakens the Zyurangers and gives them magical coins to henshin with their Dinobucklers
-   space shuttle is shrunken by Bandora and captured by knight-like Dora Titan until Zyurangers save the children inside
-   Zyurangers retrieve Weapons of Legend, soon form Daizyujin
-   Bandora captures a pair of dinosaur eggs, but eggs are lost at sea in the ensuing struggle
-   young boy from prehistoric times awakens his hero Burai
-   Bandora strikes alliance with Burai, giving him Hellfriede sword
-   Lammy also revived, aids Grifforzer and Burai against Daizyujin with recovered dinosaur eggs as bait, but eggs are lost at sea once more
-   during celebration in moonbase, Burai tries to kill Bandora but is banished to Earth
-   Klotho gives Burai Juuzouken, which he uses to wreak havoc with Dragon Caesar
-   during great battle, Daizyujin tells Geki to kill Burai, but he cannot, and Burai's tears destroy Hellfriede sword
-   Bandora discovers stronger clay to make Golem Hei, but Geki and Burai retrieve Thunder Slingers during encounter with King Brachion
-   Bandora later resummons Satan, Zyurangers form Kyuukyoku Daizyujin to defeat Satan
-   dinosaur eggs later retrieved, placed inside King Brachion to incubate
-   having learned his secret, Bandora targets Burai, destroys Lapseless Room
-   Burai dies, passes on Zyusouken and Dragon Armor to Geki
-   Kai arrives, resurrected by Satan; pilots Dora Talos mecha with four hypnotized children
-   Dora Talos eventually defeated (twice), Kai dies in Bandora's arms, and her tears rob her of her powers
-   Daizyujin traps Bandora and henchmen in golden vase which flies into space (passing Saturn)
-   Zyurangers rise to heaven, where their Protector Beasts await

-   10,000 years ago, Rita and Zordon had battled for 2,000 years on various planets, war eventually settling on Earth
-   Zordon proposed coin toss to decide victor, Rita agreed but doublecrossed Zordon upon losing 5 to 1
-   with final energies before vanishing into time warp, Zordon imprisoned Rita and her henchmen in a space dumpster which would eventually land on rogue planetoid
-   millennia later, Alpha Five constructs Command Center near future site of Angel Grove, California; regains contact with Zordon
-   in modern day, astronauts explore the approaching planetoid but accidentally free Rita
-   Zordon has Alpha select five teenagers with attitude, gives them Power Coins to morph into Power Rangers using Power Morphers
-   Zordon gives Rangers Power Weapons and Dinozords of his creation
-   Rita obtains ancient Power Eggs hidden by Morphing Masters, but eggs are lost at sea in the ensuing struggle
-   Rita selects new student Tommy Oliver, putting him under spell as her Green Ranger armed with Sword of Darkness
-   Zordon disabled, Jason trapped in Dark Dimension until freed by others
-   Scorpina returns, aids Goldar and Green Ranger against Megazord during eclipse
-   Green Ranger wreaks havoc with Dragonzord until Rangers regain contact with Zordon
-   Jason destroys Sword of Darkness, freeing Tommy from evil spell
-   Rita discovers Super Putty, but Jason and Tommy retrieve special weapons during encounter with Titanus
-   Rita later summons Lokar and temporarily banishes Rangers to Island of Illusion
-   Rita uses Green Candle to drain Tommy's powers; Tommy passes on coin and dagger to Jason to save remnants of Green power
-   Rita brings palace to Earth, resummons Lokar, raises Cyclopsis mecha which Goldar pilots
-   Cyclopsis eventually defeated (twice), Rita flees with powers impaired
-   Rita continues attacks, later kidnaps Rangers' parents to make them surrender Power Coins
-   Tommy returns, steals back coins with power infusion from Zordon
-   Tommy remains on team offering assistance when needed

-   members of Ancient Mankind, a race of humans evolved from dinosaurs 170 million years ago
-   speed and strength twice that of humans
-   can use life energies to transform into Zyurangers, multiplying their already superhuman abilities eightfold; further strengthend by a mysterious form of energy called "Gaiatron"
-   each armed with Ranger Stick with two modes: gun and sword
Ranger Gun Ranger Sword
-   each later armed with Thunderslinger: combines with Ranger Gun to form Rangerslinger
Thunderslinger Rangerslinger
-   each armed with mystical individual weapon (transformed version of primitive weapons)
-   group attacks include Babel Attack (Ranger Swords held together), Howling Cannon (individual weapons combined)
Babel Attack Howling Cannon

Power Rangers
Power Rangers
-   ordinary humans, tap energies of Morphing Grid energy plane via Power Coins to morph into Power Rangers
-   all use communicators in morphed and unmorphed forms: microwave transceivers, also allow Rangers to teleport
-   each armed with Blade Blaster with two modes: gun and sword
Blade Blaster Blade Blaster
-   each wields special weapon to defeat Super Putties on one occasion
Special weapon
-   each armed with Power Weapon
-   group attacks include Tower Formation (Blade Blasters held together), Power Blaster (Power Weapons combined)
Tower Formation Power Blaster

Tyranno Ranger (Geki)

-   prince of Yamato Kingdom
-   Protector Beast: Tyrannosaurus
-   armed with Dragon Attack Sword (Jump Cut, Straight Cut, V Crash)
Dragon Attack Sword
-   later gains Burai's armor and Juusouken

Red Ranger (Jason Lee)

-   high school student, karate instructor
-   strong leader, occasionally refuses assistance from others
-   quick to blame self for losses
-   Zord: Tyrannosaurus
-   armed with Power Sword
Power Sword
-   later gains Tommy's armor and Dragon Dagger

Mammoth Ranger (Goushi)

-   knight of the Sharma Tribe
-   Protector Beast: Juumammoth
-   armed with Mothbreaker (Power Crush, Mothbreaker Change Attack)
Mothbreaker Mothbreaker

Black Ranger (Zack Taylor)

-   high school student, dancer and musician
-   outgoing, fun-loving
-   inventor of "hip hop kido" dance-fighting technique
-   afraid of spiders and snakes
-   Zord: Mastodon
-   armed with Power Axe (transforms to blaster mode)
Power Axe Power Axe blaster mode

Tricera Ranger (Dan)

-   knight of Etof tribe
-   Protector Beast: Triceratops
-   armed with Triceralance (Jump Attack, Triceralance Typhoon)
[Also Dan in Jetman.]

Blue Ranger (Billy Cranston)

-   high school student, genius inventor
-   shy, often baffles other teens with technospeak
-   inventor of communicators, will be used through Power Rangers in Space
-   initially afraid of fish
-   Zord: Triceratops
-   armed with Power Lance
Power Lance

Tiger Ranger (Boy)

-   male in Zyuranger
-   knight of Daim Tribe
-   Protector Beast: Saber Tiger
-   armed with Saber Daggers (Pinpoint Thrust, Saber Daggers Lightning Shoot)
Saber Daggers

Yellow Ranger (Trini Kwan)

-   female in Power Rangers
-   high school student, martial artist and activist
-   peaceful but outspoken
-   initially afraid of heights
-   frequently only one able to translate Billy's technospeak
-   Dinozord: Sabertoothed Tiger
-   armed with Power Daggers
Power Daggers

Ptera Ranger (Mei)

-   princess of Risha Tribe
-   Protector Beast: Pteranodon
-   armed with Ptera Arrow (Turn Off Attack, Rolling Arrows)
Ptera Arrow

Pink Ranger (Kimberly Hart)

-   high school student, gymnast
-   outgoing, popular
-   has romantic interest in Tommy
-   Dinozord: Pterodactyl
-   armed with Power Bow
Power Daggers

Dragon Ranger (Burai)
Dragon Ranger
-   older brother of Geki
-   originally envied younger brother Geki who had been adopted by King and Queen of Yamato as their heir
-   swore revenge when father Black Knight was killed by King of Yamato during attempted revolt
-   slept in Forest of the Norm Faeries until being awoken by young boy from prehistoric times whose life he had saved
-   with limited lifespan, soon fought on Geki's side; spent spare time in Lapseless Room (atemporal dimension)
-   eventually died and passed on chest armor and Juusouken to Geki
-   Protector Beast: Dragon Caesar
-   armed with Juusouken (Beast Playing Sword), played to control Dragon Caesar

Green Ranger (Tommy Oliver)
Green Ranger
-   new student at Angel Grove High, rival to Jason when abducted by Rita
-   joins Rangers after evil spell is vanquished
-   loner, often forgot to wear communicator
-   eventually lost powers and passed on coin and dagger to Jason
-   later returned with power infusion from Zordon
-   Zord: Dragonzord
-   armed with Dragon Dagger, played to control Dragonzord
Dragon Dagger

-   ?: flying car used by ape-people who brought dinosaur eggs
Saurer machines
-   Road Saurer 1: Tyranno's motorcycle
-   Side Saurer 2: black sidecar bike for Mammoth and Tiger
-   Side Saurer 3: blue sidecar bike for Tricera and Ptera

-   RADBUG: modified VW Beetle created by Billy, can fly at supersonic speed; used when teleportation is down
Battle Bikes
-   Battle Bikes: Saurer bikes from Zyuranger, rarely seen

-   white magician who protected sleeping Zyurangers for 170 million years
-   now poses as an apartment manager

-   legendary ancient sage, fought Rita 10,000 years ago
-   once looked like Barza, but essence trapped in time warp by Rita
-   now communicates with this dimension using plasma tube in Command Center


Alpha Five
Alpha Five
-   faithful robot assistant to Zordon, operates Command Center
-   fascinated by pop culture

Sakura Mansion
Zyuranger shrine
-   apartment building managed by Barza
-   Zyurangers' shrine/headquarters lies 2000 meters below

Command Center
Command Center Command Center
-   Zordon's secret base in California desert
-   can only be accessed by holder of Power Coin

-   young woman in white
-   revives Burai during his hibernation, later gives him Juusouken to control Dragon Caesar so Kyuukoku Daizyujin can be formed



Bulk and Skull
Bulk and Skull
-   real names: Farcus Bulkmeier and Eugene Skullovitch
-   high school bullies, constantly pester Ranger teens

-   first sentient mecha; avatars of the gods
-   controlled by crystal form of coins
Tyrannosaurus + Mammoth + Triceratops + Saber Tiger + Pteranodon = Dinotanker -> Daizyujin
-   Tyrannosaurus + Mammoth + Triceratops + Saber Tiger + Pteranodon = Dinotanker -> Daijuujin (Great Beast God)
-   armed with Dinosaur Sword Godhorn (Super Legend Thunder Light Cut)
-   Dinotanker armed with Power Charge, Beast Tank Cannons, and Beast Tank Storm attacks

-   consists of five Dinozords created by Zordon from dinosaur fossils
-   accessed by Power Crystals
Tyrannosaurus + Mastodon + Triceratops + Sabertoothed Tiger + Pterodactyl = Megazord tank mode -> Megazord battle mode
-   Tyrannosaurus + Mastodon + Triceratops + Sabertoothed Tiger + Pterodactyl = Megazord Tank Mode -> Megazord Battle Mode
-   armed with eyebolts and cannon (tank), Power Sword, Cranial Laser

Dragon Caesar
Dragon Caesar
-   controlled by Juusouken
-   armed with finger missiles, tail drill
Mammoth + Triceratops + Saber Tiger + Dragon Caesar = Gouryuujin
-   Mammoth + Triceratops + Saber Tiger + Dragon Caesar = Gouryuujin (Strong Dragon God)
-   Gouryujin armed with the Dragon Antler drill, Dragon God Thrust technique
Daizyujin + Dragon Caesar = Zyutei Daizyujin
-   Daijuujin + Dragon Caesar = Zyutei Daizyujin (Beast Emperor Great Beast God)
-   Zyutei Daizyujin armed with Empire Attack blast

-   controlled by Dragon Dagger
-   armed with Dragonzord Missiles, tail drill
Mastodon + Triceratops + Sabertoothed Tiger + Dragonzord = Dragonzord Battle Mode
-   Mastodon + Triceratops + Sabertoothed Tiger + Dragonzord = Dragonzord Battle Mode
-   Battle Mode armed with Power Drill
Megazord + Dragonzord = Megadragonzord
-   Megazord + Dragonzord = Megadragonzord
-   Megadragonzord armed with Z blast

King Brachion
Zyutei Daizyujin + King Brachion = Kyuukyoku Daizyujin
-   Zyutei Daizyujin + King Brachion = Kyuukyoku Daizyujin (Ultimate Great Beast God)
-   fires Gran Vanisher barrage

Megadragonzord + Titanus = Ultrazord
-   Megadragonzord + Titanus = Ultrazord
-   fires energy barrage

Bandora's forces
-   monsters are created from clay
-   Golems: gray grunts made out of clay; can change hands into various shapes/weapons
-   Captain Golems: two darker, rocky Golems
Captain Golem
-   Bandra Palace: Bandora's moonbase, briefly flew to Earth in beginning of series
Bandra Palace

Rita's forces
-   monsters are created from clay
-   Putty Patrollers: gray grunts made out of clay; some armed with hands of various shapes; dark Putties occasionally seen
-   Moon palace: Rita's moonbase, flew to Earth for Lokar/Cyclopsis summoning
Moon palace

Witch Bandora
-   former queen of Dal Tribe, turned to magic to avenge her son Kai
-   can fly on magical bicycle
-   throws wand to Earth to enlarge monsters
-   has seemingly unlimited magical abilities
[Also Hedrian in Denjiman, SunVulcan.]

Rita Repulsa
Rita Repulsa
-   ancient sorceress, battled Zordon 10,000 years ago
-   seeks destruction of Earth
-   can fly on magical bicycle
-   throws wand to Earth to enlarge monsters
-   gets headaches following failures

-   soldier with retracting wings, wields Grifocaliber IV sword
-   second in command
-   married to Lammy

-   soldier with wings only in first episode, wields sword
-   second in command
-   hates Jason

-   sculpts monsters from clay, brings them to life in monster oven

-   sculpts monsters from clay, brings them to life in Monstermatic
-   more interested in his craft and Rita than evil itself

-   wingless scatterbrained vampire bat monster
-   alchemist, toady

-   wingless scatterbrained vampire bat monster
-   alchemist, toady

-   lazy partner of Totpat
-   brutish, armed with Bookkrapper pistol

-   lazy, peabrained partner of Baboo
-   serves as bumbling saboteur

Lammy Lammy Scorpion
-   human-looking warrior, changes into giant Lammy Scorpion
-   married to Grifforzer
-   revived after waiting 65 million years for her husband in suspended animation

Scorpina Scorpina monster
-   human-looking warrior, changes into giant monster
-   old friend of Rita
-   acts like spoiled girl at times
-   returns from Earthen cave after waiting 10,000 years following Rita's defeat

-   Bandora's dead son, prince of the Dal Tribe
-   resurrected by Great Satan in finale, pilots Dora Talos


Dora Talos
Dora Talos
-   white mecha piloted by Kai
-   armed with chest cannons, blade arms

-   white Warzord from 10,000 years ago, risen by Rita
-   piloted by Goldar
-   armed with chest cannons, blade arms

Great Satan
Great Satan
-   floating head, teamed with Bandora to lay waste to Earth 170 million years ago
-   destroyed along with Dora Talos

-   floating demonic head, summoned by Rita to boost power
-   defeated along with Cyclopsis

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